December 26, 2015

The Adventure Begins...

WELCOME and Merry Christmas! Here we are the time has finally come. Starting this blog has seemed like such a far off dream for so long a part of me can't believe it's happening. I'm really excited about this space, and I'm excited to get to share it with all of you. 

For me, writing my feelings into words is (and always has been) a way to express myself in the deepest way possible. It's always been something I've done but never somewhere for people to see it or experience with me. Basically I'm taking my journaling public, what an exciting (almost) scary thing! Sometimes I am a very deep thinker, and I love to write it out. (Sort of free therapy) Other times I'm as sarcastic and sassy as they come, I plan to write in both styles here. Just want to keep it fun and really honest.  

I really enjoy my family and being a mama. You can expect to see a lot about that here! I really struggled adjusting to motherhood and I look forward to sharing that roller coaster ride with you soon.  

These are some family photos we took at a Christmas tree farm and I am just loving them. Beckham is at that perfect little age. He has a teeny tiny body with a big personality and it's so much fun to watch him grow into himself. We had a blast taking these photos and spending time as a family... We are those "fake tree people" you know the ones... We have to burn candles scented like fresh balsam and pine in order to have that Christmas tree smell when you walk in our house. Needless to say it was fun experiencing the Christmas tree farm for the first time ever. All you fake tree people like us... Go experience it next year, even if you don't buy a tree it's such a fun little place to go and really get into the Christmas spirit. I will admit Beckham had a run in with a clump of mud while we were there. In other words he ate some wet dirt and choked a tad... I mean I got to practice the heimlich and we got some adorable photos. Worth it? Maybe because everyone is alive and well and these photos make me happy and one day I'm sure B will appreciate them too. So thanks Beckham for taking one for the team all for the sake of some photos. (I'm being half sarcastic here) but in all seriousness I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. We are so thankful for this time of year and what it means as believers. We spent lots of time with our families the past few days enjoying being together..also Christmas cookies, lots and lots of Christmas cookies... 

Special thanks to Taylor | | for making all my blog dreams come true. 
And to Cassie Loree Photography for the beautiful photos.

Thanks for reading. Come back by soon, looking forward to posting again. 


  1. I LOVE IT SO ADORABLE!!!! You are a fantastic writer! I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to reading many more :) God bless you and your family!

  2. Love your blog! Can't wait to read more! Blessings and my best wishes from central America !

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging!