January 25, 2016

Be My Valentine (Giveaway Closed)

Ok, so if you ever get a hankering to have a photoshoot with two babies, don't. Just don't. It's actually not possible. I sort of wish we would have had a film crew when we decided to put on our big girl panties and try this. My sister was kissing these two reapplying smudged kisses the entire time, and my mom was jumping up and down and repositioning babies every 3 seconds. She would make one laugh and the other cry. What can you do?!? Nothing... By the end of it my sister was flustered, my mom was out of breath, and we were all sweating. We had high Pinterest worthy hopes for these pics in our mind's eye. Wellllllll, not quite there, but we really did have a hilarious time trying to make these photos happen. And we have a good story/memory to go along with it. The only way this photoshoot could have been worse was if someone would have had a blowout on my white bed. I'd say overall huge success.
We had a stiff iced coffee (really no alcohol) afterward and gave the babies baths. It was fun getting to spend time with my mom and sister. Such a fun phase of life we are living. With that being said, my sister wanted to bless some people this month in honor of Valentines Day (Woo Woooo). These cute little Valentine prints are being featured on my Instagram (also several more prints), and my sis and I are doing a little giveaway over there. If you haven't, you should go enter to win one of these super cute prints for you and a friend! (my instagram @emilyspeir) We are trying to spread the love this season and what better way than to win one of these! Seriously I love them all and don't be surprised if you start seeing them scattered all through my house on walls and end tables. Half, if not most of the artwork hanging in our house is my sisters work. She is a talented artist, and I feel blessed to share similar blood and a love for iced coffee with her. If you like pretty artwork you should also checkout her website here. All her Valentine Prints (and more) are available for purchase there! Now, go win yourself and someone you know a pretty print. Good luck!

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