January 1, 2016

Friends in for the Holidays


You know those friends that you can't even actually remember a time when they weren't your friends, that is what Matt and Taylor are for us. Honestly I can't remember a time in my life when they weren't in it. Sadly for us, they moved to California about a year ago. (California has all the luck) I cried a lot when that happened (it was like a bad breakup) but seriously that's beside the point.

They recently came into town over Christmas and New Years and we had so much fun! Everything is so easy with them and we never feel like we have to entertain them or put on a fancy front. We are just comfortable like an old pair of jeans and we just fit, effortlessly. We had so much fun and went to Starbucks WAY too much, it's kinda our thing. Every morning we went to have coffee and a sweet treat. Against my will they hung out with their families too even though I tried to hog them all to myself. However, we had a ton of time to hang out together and make some sweet memories. These pictures are from our day at the Arboretum. I swear it was negative 20 degrees that day, and by that I mean it was probably in the 30's but still it was the coldest day we have had in a really long time and we decided to spend it outdoors. It made sense at the time. Basically we are super hard core, but really, we had a ton of fun all bundled up walking around looking at the really gorgeous landscaping and all the different plants. Beckham was on the verge of hangry most of the day and he kept using his baby sign language to let me know that he was in desperate need of breastmilk every five minutes. I wasn't jumping at the chance to whip my nip out in the blistering cold so we finally had to find a warm place to park it for a 30 minute break. We warmed up inside and had some fun watching Beckham be totally enthralled with the huge glass windows. He just wobbled around on his new found "walking legs" and made us laugh with all of his baby babble. The true highlight of the day was when I decided to hang the diaper bag from the stroller handle. If you aren't familiar with strollers they usually have warning tags that suggest one never do such a thing. Despite the strollers best efforts to warn me NOT to hang the bag from the handlebar, I did it anyway. After all I was feeling a tad rebellious and my back was up in flames from carrying the diaper bag from the car to the entrance of the gardens. (seriously, how are those things so heavy, isn't it just diapers wipes in there?) Well upon our perusal I was looking around taking in the beauty of the gardens when all of a sudden I was falling to my knees then immediately flat on my belly, sprawled out like a sleepy dog. After a moment of panic wondering what the heck just happened and making sure Beckham was ok after his stroller basically just turned into a rocket ship prepared for takeoff, we just lost it. I mean the laughter was unreal, even the employees tending the flower beds couldn't stop staring. It was one of those times when I really didn't care one bit that I just looked like the biggest idiot alive, it was just so funny. I learned my lesson, the strollers don't lie, they really mean it when they say do not hang bags from handlebars. Overall it was a really great afternoon and we made some really fun memories.

If you live in the Dallas area or ever visit I recommend spending a day at the Arboretum, it is the most beautiful place with so much space to explore. Blake and I love to go in the spring and summer months when the flowers are all in bloom, it's the perfect place to have a little picnic.

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