January 28, 2016

My Skincare Routine

I have been getting a lot of messages/texts regarding what I do skin care wise. I am by no means a skin care guru of any kind.  However, I have done enough trial and error to figure out what works for me. I decided to break it down and let y'all in on all my beauty secrets. After I had Beckham I started struggling with acne. WHAT, who are you and why are you suddenly making a home on my once clear face?!?! I didn't struggle with blemishes much before having a baby (thank you Lord), but afterward all hell broke loose so to speak. I, for months, struggled with rashes and constant trouble areas on my face. I got fed up and started trying different things. I have VERY dry skin. Like the driest of the dry. My knuckles tend to crack in the winter and my hands are always rough no matter how much lotion I apply. My face suffers too and tends to get flakey in the winter months. Gross right? Yeah I'm an ogre, but these products I use really tremendously have made a world of difference in my skin's life. I hope some of this will help you.
Above are all of the products I use for my skin. I purchase most of them at Whole Foods however I think Sprouts, Central Market, or any other natural food store should carry these products. You can also purchase these online, here are the links: 
Spin Brush | Charcoal Soap Bar | Activated Charcoal Capsules | E-Oil | Coconut Oil | CeraVe Lotion
I always start by rubbing the soap in with my hands to get it good and lathered. Then I proceed to scrub my entire face with my spin brush. Then rinse!
I have always been into holistic natural remedies, so I decided to try activated charcoal soap! OH SWEET LAWD ABOVE. Within about 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my skin. It started clearing up and my rough patches/rashes started vanishing. I was hooked. Since then I have been using this activated charcoal soap on my face once, sometimes twice, a day. It also has essential oils (my favorite) and a few other things listed on the package that make it smell good and give you some other benefits (I get mine at whole foods).

I usually wash my face with the charcoal soap at night, and I also use the "spin for perfect skin brush" from Vanity Planet. Although these type of circulating brushes can cost a little bit more than some like to spend (myself included), I really think they make such a difference. It feels like it gets dead skin off while cleansing deep down into your pores. I never go a day without using my spin brush, and it makes my skin glow and feel very soft. In my opinion, splurging on a good brush like this is well worth it! This brand also comes with a body brush, an exfoliating brush, the cleansing brush, and a pumus stone. Freakin Yes!

Ok get ready, I'm about to let you in on the biggest best discovery I've ever stumbled upon. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPSULES. You guys, yes yes yes and yes. I use these activated charcoal capsules once a week as a face mask. I know what you are thinking, "this chick cray.... I am not putting black charcoal on my face." But it is a miracle worker!!!! I open one of the capsules and pour all the charcoal in my hand. I get my face wet so it sticks and apply it all over. I usually let it dry for about 10 minutes and then scrub it off. It tends to get a little messy and takes some scrubbing with soap to get all the color off, but it makes your face feel sooooo clean. My face always glows and looks radiant after I use this mask. Now don't go grab some charcoal from the grill because that stuff is full of yuckiness you don't want all over your face. Make sure you get the good stuff. I get mine at whole foods and it cost about 13$. Not a bad price for radiant skin if you ask me.

This is what the mask looks like after applying it to your wet face. Don't be afraid!
Gently open the capsule and pour all the charcoal into your hand. 
See, gets a little messy but everything wipes up easily.
It helps to use an exfoliator to remove all the excess charcoal from your face.
Then we come to moisturizer. After I wash my face, I always put coconut oil mixed with vitamin E oil all over (Get that neck too!). Now this combo is so wonderful. Both of these oils have so many benefits (google them) for your skin. They feel a bit oily and sticky but just take time to rub them in really well and you won't even notice you have oil on your face. 
I always add a few drops of the E-Oil directly into my hand along with the coconut oil. The oils combine and I rub them in together.
I usually top those off with Cerave lotion. This lotion is the best and most moisturizing lotion I've ever used. My dermatologist recommended it to me since my skin is so dry. I've been hooked ever since. I use it on my face, my entire body, and I'm always applying it to my hands. It's straight from the Garden of Eden, I'm almost positive. It doesn't have much of a scent, but the heavy scented lotions have a tendency to dry out my skin. So you won't see me lathering up in Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction any time soon (NEVER). I'd rather smell bland and feel soft. But that's just me!

One very important step to my skin care routine is one that is probably one of the most important steps: Water and green tea. I make it my mission everyday to drink at least one very large cup of green tea and at least four 20oz. cups of water. Seriously, I didn't do this for a while and it showed! My skin looked different, felt different, and overall wasn't as healthy looking. It tends to be much more dry and I get WAY more blemishes. Seriously can't stress how important drinking lots of water and getting those antioxidants in green tea is. "Get Gorgeous" is one of my favorite skin teas. It has a different taste, not the best at first, but it honestly grows on you after you drink it a lot. This tea really makes my skin radiant when I drink it everyday. I think green tea (I recommend teatulia organic green tea from target) has great flavor and seriously amazing benefits that you WILL notice.
I by no means have flawless skin, and I still get blemishes every now and again, but this skin care routine on repeat has my skin looking pretty dang clear and healthy. I am hooked, and I will continue doing my thaaang with all things activated charcoal. I hope you try some of these tips and let me know how it works for you.


  1. Freaking LOVE this post. So helpful, Em!

    1. Thanks so much Tay :) Thanks for taking the pics you sweet angel.