January 5, 2016

Nursery Tour


Ivory Ceramic Lamp Similar Here_  Succulent Vase  _ 'The World is Super Lucky to Have You' _ Alphabet Picture Similar Print Here _ Bear & Fox Prints _  Basket  _  Rocking Chair _  Sheep Skin _ Wooden Floor Lamp _ Floor Pouf Similar Here _ Rug Similar Here and Here  _ Big Glass Jar _ Tan Globe Similar Here _ Blue Globe Similar Here _ Stuffed Animals  Mason the Bear  _   Sheep _ Giraffe Similar Here _ Spotted Bear _

I am so excited to give you guys a little tour of Beckham's nursery. It really is one of my favorite rooms in the entire house. When I got pregnant, my wheels immediately began turning trying to figure out how to decorate the nursery. I scoured Pinterest for an inordinate number of hours trying to get inspired. I saw a lot I liked and a lot I didn't like when it came to spaces for a baby. I wanted to make a functional space for obvious baby needs and necessities, but I also wanted the space to feel sophisticated and restful. I figured out almost immediately that I wanted to stay far away from a theme such as elephants, or sail boats, or trucks, or blue, or whatever. Themes have a way of turning my stomach (no offense if you are into themes, do you) I just like a space that feels clean and fresh with touches of fun here and there. When I picked the paint color I knew it was a little bold and dark for a nursery. Halfway through painting this room my husband tried to delicately tell me (his 6 month pregnant wife) that he was not a fan, which resulted in me having a hormonal emotional breakdown and second guessing everything else I have ever done design-wise in our home. After many tears he assured me that it was going to be fine, and we stuck with it. I am so glad because this color is so warm and cozy and really makes the space feel like a place you can nestle into with some lavender lotion, a baby, and a good bedtime story.
Since I picked a dark wall color, I knew I wanted the rest of the room to be bright and mostly white. We painted the bookshelves a glossy white, and I stuck with a white dresser as well as a white crib with clean lines (scored both at random places for a deal). When it came to picking out the rocking chair, I had a laundry list of "must haves”: must look good, must be comfortable, must rock, swivel and recline, must be stuffed with unicorn fur and dispense coffee at the push of a button. Ok that last bit was a tad fabricated, but I really had some stipulations when it came to finding the right rocking chair for the space. I am so glad I held out until I found the perfect one. I sat in many a rocking chair to find this dime. It truly is so comfortable and has all the features I was looking for (minus the unicorn hair and coffee dispenser). Good thing too, if I could give anyone advice, I would say splurge on the rocking chair. You will be spending a ton of time in it. I spend hours a day in this thing reading stories, nursing, rocking Beckham to sleep, etc. 
I tried to pick out special little things here and there to adorn the bookshelves. Obviously I put lots of books on there, but I also wanted the design of the bookshelves to be pleasing to the eye when you walk in the room. I got special knickknacks, as well as little gifts here and there, at antique stores, and overall I think it came together really nicely. The bookshelves are so fun and also really functional since I put most of Beckham's books on the bottom shelf where he can easily access them. I am not too naive to think I will never walk in to see him climbing the shelves, but until then I have nothing but love for these shelves. The artwork is partially antique store finds, partly Hobby Lobby, and partly my sister (who happens to be an artist). I wanted the artwork to be representative of the little life that resides in this room, and I am happy with the way it turned out. 
At the end of the day, I had way too much fun decorating the nursery. It promotes rest and fun, which is exactly what I was shooting for. Yay for fun spaces! I'm excited to decorate another nursery one day....I will also come decorate yours if you want. Haha....no but really. Happy decorating everyone!

I wish I could have linked more items for you guys. I really did so much antiquing to find special little things for this room. Also a lot of things were gifts, family heirlooms, etc. That is what makes it so special! Happy Hunting. 


  1. I follow you on ig and I've always admired your nursery! The wall color is so beautiful and unique. Love the story behind it too! Thank you for sharing, this is helpful!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it. The wall color is called "Monks Cloth" by the way. I believe it is a Behr Color from Home Depot!

  2. Where did you find the rocking chair and what brand/style, etc. is it? (If you don't mind me asking :)

    1. I actually linked the exact chair and several other items right below the pictures. If you will just click on "Rocking Chair" it will take you to the website of the store I purchased the rocker. There are tons of colors and fabrics you can choose from as well! The chair it pulls up is not in the same color as mine. I believe I got it in "sand" don't quote me on that. With an ivory cording on the edges for contrast. The actual store I purchased from is located in Downtown McKinney called Giggle Brush. Hope this helps!