February 19, 2016

A Day At Grandma's House

You know those days that you just want to wrap up in a big wad of bubble wrap in order to keep them safe and tucked away in your sacred chest of valuables? I had a day like that recently. You know the kinda day, the one that is already one of your fondest memories and it hasn’t even had time to age and become a memory yet? Yeah, thats the one. We spent Tuesday at my grandmas house. 
She agreed to let me do this post if I didn’t show her face. She prides herself on living “off the grid," not being connected in this world of social media-driven everything. I will say she has mastered texting complete with emojis but appearing on social media is something she just isn’t "down with." So to you all, she shall remain a white-haired mystery woman, but to me, she is one of my closest friends and an amazing grandma whom I call Mammy.
She is good about making plans, she sends me texts periodically, and she tells me she misses me and invites me over for the day. I always look so forward to going to visit her and I am so thankful she makes it happen. 
On Tuesday Beckham and I hurried over in the morning to ensure we made the most of our day. Since she is usually in her jammies about 5:30 we have to get started early. 
Upon arrival we went straight for that amazing backyard of hers. The weather has been unseasonably warm this month and we have been making the most of it being outside any chance we get. Mammy’s backyard is one of my favorite places in the world. It is so well taken care of, it kind of feels like a secret garden that you can just sprawl out and spend all day in, laying on the soft grass. Beckham had the time of his life running around the yard finding different things to touch and dig his little hands into. His favorite thing was probably playing in the dirt and throwing it while he simultaneously squealed with delight. It was precious. 
Mammy did what she always does and fixed us a delicious lunch made up of spaghetti and salad. I don’t know what she puts in her spaghetti but it is out of this world delish. Seriously, I don’t understand how spaghetti can taste so wonderful, but just take my word for it. She sprinkles it with magic grandma pixie dust, its the only explanation. Beckham enjoyed his little special seat like a big boy at the lunch table (grandmas always have cool stuff don’t they?). The light in her kitchen is so dreamy I always love sitting in there eating, talking, and looking out her giant windows (that are spotless might I add). After lunch I put Beckham down for a nap and Mammy and I headed back out to sit on the porch on her cushioned swings. We enjoyed cookies hot out of the oven and washed them down with cold milk. Well, she had coffee and I had milk. I tried my hardest to take mental snapshots while we sat there so I can keep it forever in my mind. Me and my grandma have a lot in common and its always fun to just sit and talk with her. 
After Beckham woke up from his nap obviously we had to head straight back outside to play some more. He explored all over again and this time we took some toys out so he could play on the back porch in the shade. We had so much fun relaxing and slowing down. Focusing on the wonderful things in life such as sunshine and family living close and porch swings and love and happiness and all the blessings we have been given. 


  1. Emily! Your pictures are great! What camera/editing do you use?

    1. Hey Erica, so sorry I am just replying. I use a canon rebel xs to take all of my photos. (unless I tag a photographer underneath) most days its our camera which is the small canon. I usually do editing on Lightroom! Hope this helps :)