February 9, 2016

Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag |  Sunglasses | Jean Jacket (old) Similar Style Here | Olive Cargo Pants (old) Similar Style Here | Black Ballet Flats | Gold Watch | Pink Wallet | Coral & Neon Green Wristlet Straps Here | Floral Phone Case | Polka Dot Pouch No Longer Available

As we all know, it's important to be well prepared when you have a baby/toddler. I put together a fun little list of the essentials I take everywhere when Beckham is in tow. These are the things I don't dare leave the house without. Obviously you need a bag that suits you in order to lug all of this around. I recommend the Fawn Design Bags. I have the stone grey, and I am in LOVE with this thing. I started out with a regular type bag with one strap that you carry across body or over the shoulder. I loved my first diaper bag because it was beautiful, but I ended up finding out it didn't work for me when trying to carry my bag and Beckham and do anything else all at the same time. I was so excited when Fawn came out with new colors and revamped their design a little. I snagged one of them before they all sold out within an hour on their release day. This bag is so well made, so functional, and so pretty. It doubles as a backpack or an over-the-shoulder bag, which makes it really easy when your hands are full to just throw it on your back and go, hands free. It has adjustable straps, and the gold zippers basically just speak right to my heart. It also has a big open center which I manage to cram a lot of stuff into. There are several pockets around the interior to help organize everything. Bomb. If you are searching for the perfect diaper bag, go snag yourself one of these, I promise you won't be disappointed. Also their customer service is the best ever. If there is ever a problem, they are very quick to help.
Now then, we come to what I actually put in my bag. Buckle up its quite a list. But it has gotten me through many days and blow outs and emotional breakdowns, etc.
I always always always make sure I have snacks. Beckham eats like a line backer, for real. If the hanger strikes I'm always ready to intercept it. His favorite little snacks on the go are the squeeze pouches and puffs. My go to brand of squeeze pouches- I always stick to Ella's or Earths Best. I just feel like they are the best organic most simplified pouches out there. Not to mention they have a bajillion different flavors and mixtures to choose from. Beckham loves them. Another thing I always keep on hand is Puffs. Wow. Puffs have saved my day a few times let me tell you. I try to stick to the Happy Baby puffs because they have convincing flavors like Kale, Spinach, and Purple Carrot, so I feel like I'm really being a hero when I feed these to Beckham (obviously not really that nutritional). He absolutely gobbles them down and they dissolve pretty quickly so it helps him chew them. Since he only has 8 teeth. And I ALWAYS have a bottle of milk. I like the Dr. Browns bottles because Beckham had colic for the first several months of his life (God bless America). These cut down on air bubbles, and I like them a lot. Recommend!
Another thing I always have are obviously diapers and wipes. I wish I could say Beckham was already potty trained but yeah right? What do I look like?... Don't answer that. (I prefer the Pampers Cruisers) Seriously I always have a stash of diapers because you never know how many potty breaks your baby might have in his pants that day.
Let's talk diaper cream. Dr. Smith knows what's up y'all. I will never go back to anything else. This stuff is like magic potion in a bottle. If Beckham ever starts looking a tad red on his hiney, I slather this on, and by the time the day is over his little bottom is better. It's a little pricey in my opinion, (I'm super cheap, ok) but it lasts a good while and really works wonders. I might start using it all over my skin it's so wonderful.
I always make sure to pack a few toys. Sometimes Beckham gets bored if we are sitting down to eat somewhere or in the car, so I always make sure to have a few backup toys to entertain him if we get desperate.
Baby lotion is always with me. I have really dry skin, so I use it half the time, but with all the temperature changes Texas has been experiencing Beckham's skin seems to be getting a little dry too. So I've been trying to lotion him more (especially his cheeks). If I have it with me I'm just more likely to put it on him more frequently.
My most recent discovery is wet wipes that are antibacterial. I always have these with me. I use them to wipe down tables, high chairs, shopping cart handles, etc. Beckham is always touching the grossest germiest stuff so having these on hand makes me feel way better.
Let's talk medicine. I keep mine organized in a little zipper pouch, and it's always stocked with infant Motrin, Tylenol, and Hylands Teething tablets. With a baby that's constantly cutting new teeth this is VITAL for me. My favorite thing are the teething tablets. They are homeopathic and really take irritability away if I can tell that Beckham is suffering from pain. Seriously, if you have never tried these go to your nearest target immediately and buy some. They. Are. Lifesavers. I don't like giving B medicine if I don't have to, so these serve the same purpose without making me feel guilty for pumping him with meds all the time.
Then the few random items. Hand sanitizer for me. Also Chapstick, I always have/need Chapstick (for these crusty crust lips I got), so I make sure to keep that tucked away in my bag. As well as tissues, boogie wipes for Beckham because they are gentle and get all the snot off of Beckham's face when it's a debacle to say the least. Also weird side note, they smell really really good. Whatever, I'm a sucker for good smells. And I always have a teething ring with me or Sophie the Giraffe for teething purposes.
There it is, that is all the stuff that keeps our world going round each day when we are out and about. I would love to hear what some of you other mamas can't live without/what you will never leave the house without. 
Love you all, and happy chaos managing to you! At least an organized diaper bag helps. 


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    1. Love you Sarah. I too am obsessed with you!

  2. That diaper bag is so cute! I have a pottery barn one which is huge and amazing, but like you said, the cross body isnt great when you are trying to pick up a baby :)

    1. Thanks so much! yes the backpack arm straps have come in soooo handy!