February 6, 2016

Friendship and Coffee Dates

Taylor's Starbucks Order: Venti Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with light water
Emily's Starbucks Order: Venti Iced Coffee with whole milk and four pumps of classic syrup

So sorry I've been MIA. It's been a crazy week with Taylor being in town, my husband being out of town, and me starting a part time job soon. I've been all over the place to say the least. I really wanted to enjoy my week with Taylor, so I had to take the week off. But I'm back! Here I am, hi.

 Friends forever. That's what we always said growing up-that we will be friends forever. We truly have been just that. I've known this girl since kindergarten. It's so much fun having a friend that you can't remember not being friends with. Taylor and I had the best week. Our husbands were both gone for work, so Taylor drove down (all the way from LA, bless her) so we could hang out all week and have some fun. Let me tell you, it was truly glorious. There was constant laughter, constant sarcasm, and constant Starbucks visits. If you follow our snapchat accounts you got to see it all first hand (@emilyspeir @winktaylor). We are truly ridiculous when we are together, and it is fun to get to document it. She calls me Bossy and I call her Sass Unlimited-it's all in good fun I assure you.
One thing that is so fun about having a friend like Taylor is how much we push each other. We each have goals for ourselves spiritually, personally, professionally, blog wise, physically, etc. Anytime we are together we motivate each other to push ourselves to be better in all aspects of life. This probably stems from our love of sports that we played together elementary through high school. We always used to be so competitive with one another, and I think our friendship and our competitive nature always drives us to be the best we can be.
What I've learned is that I never want to take special people for granted in my life. I've been told often that it's unheard of to have a friendship like we do. It's easy to grow apart from people as we grow up and mature and move different directions in life. Thankfully, for how much change that has happened for each of us, we truly have never wavered in our friendship.
I miss Taylor so much when she isn't here. LA is far away, and I miss the times we lived 10 minutes apart.
I encourage you to appreciate the people you love today. Make sure they know how much they mean to you. Take them to Starbucks and make a scene. It's times like that that are unforgettable.

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