February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

I really enjoyed Valentine’s Day this year. We did something we have never done on this special day, and it was quite relaxing and refreshing. We hung out all day at Blake’s parents house with his family around the fire pit. Seriously the weather was perfect, and Beckham was basically in heaven because he got to play outside all day. He ran and found rocks and leaves and sticks. He never stopped smiling (until I wouldn’t let him rip my roses to pieces, pictured above), but he quickly got over that once we distracted him with his Valentine gifts from Lolli and Pops. He climbed on logs and ran as fast as he could through the leaves which made him crack up over and over again. He played so hard and honestly watching his happy little face and pleasant little squeals made my heart so happy. There is nothing better. 
Not to mention we ate our weight in all things delicious. Blake’s grandma started the festivities off with stuffed jalapeños. These things are heavenly, you guys, straight up mouth watering right now as I think about them. So good, and everything cooked on an open fire just tastes better, am I right?! Then we had some Gumbo and let me tell you it did not disappoint. So flavorful and so delicious. Then to top it off Blake’s mom made some apple peach cobbler, obviously with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. It was just as delicious as it looks. We honestly really just had the best day, and I am hoping we make this a Valentines tradition from now on. Nothing compares to sitting by the fire and listening to everyone talk and laugh and being surrounded by people we love. It was such a nice day to just unwind and enjoy the simpler things in life. Its so easy to get caught up in this fast paced fast moving world, but a day in nature with good food and good people is good for the mind and soul. After Valentines day our "love tanks” were filled as well as our bellies. 


  1. So fun! Also love the look of the converse with your outfit... Making me want to get some! Cutest fam ever btw.

    1. Get you some converse if you haven't. I wear them way too often I am about to get another color! Thank you for your kind words :)