March 29, 2016


He was sprinting around the yard screaming Go Go. It was the cutest. He loved hunting eggs.
That "Big Smile" NEVER gets old
This is my sister Audrey holding (my niece) Flora and my cousin Natalie, holding her baby Lois. There are lots of new babies in our family which makes all the get-togethers so much fun! There are several more babies that were either napping or not there that day. Such a fun season with my sister and all my cousins.
It's a good thing you are cute, kid. haha 

What is it about Easter? Ever since I was a little girl Easter has always had a special way of making me excited. It was always a tradition at our house to wake up to our Easter baskets, carefully put together by our parents the night before, sitting perfectly in a row on the hearth. My siblings and I would rush into the living room in the early morning hours and see special little surprises tucked away in our eggs surrounded by our favorite candies. We would indulge well before candy o'clock (whenever that is) making sugar our breakfast of choice that day. It was my favorite thing, and it had a way of making me feel special having that sweet little basket of goodies just for me. It was fun and colorful and whimsical to me. Then I got older and realized that though it's fun, the Easter holiday brought so much more than candy-filled baskets and egg hunts. It brought the reminder and celebration of the resurrection of our savior and King. Jesus Christ, the man that died for you and me so that we might live again in his kingdom one day.
What a special something to celebrate. The knowledge of that brings renewal each Easter holiday. I'm reminded of Jesus and his goodness and that is much more exciting than Easter bunnies and pastels. The luster of spring looming in the air reiterating the renewal we can have through Jesus. It's just so wonderful.
Making sure that is our focus, we do still LOVE to have fun and indulge in all the Easter activities. And this year didn't disappoint one bit. Beckham participated in his very first egg hunt, and he was LOVING IT. Lolli and Pops filled all his eggs with little special cars and trucks, and he ran back and forth squealing with delight with each egg he opened. It was priceless, and it put a smile on everyone's face. After the "big kid" egg hunt Beckham had fun throwing the eggs everywhere and opening all them to make sure there were no more "go gos" in any of them. There was bubble blowing and "lawn mowing" with Beckham's new lawn mower. The weather in Tx was glorious, and we spent the entire day pretty much outdoors.
After we spent time with Blake's family we went over to my grandma's house. The entire family was there, and we all sprawled out on the lawn and porch swings. There was an intense game of "keep the ball in the air for as long as possible" which has somehow become a tradition on Easter and special holidays. It's hilarious to watch and play and sadly the standing record is a measley 38 hits!...pretty terrible I know, but there is lots of laughing, lots of screaming, and lots of people simultaneously throwing their well dressed adult bodies onto the grass to keep that ball in the air. Truly a sight and so much fun. Everyone talked and the babies played, and we enjoyed the warm sunshine while enjoying the company of one another.
It was a beautiful day filled with lots of people we love, and we left with our hearts and bellies so full. Thankful for Christ and thankful to celebrate his resurrection.
I was so sad that we didn't get a family pic because we were just so busy enjoying our day. My hubby is always so sweet to snap photos of me and B. Just know we had a sweet little day as a family (and he had way too much fun playing the ball game). We look forward to starting traditions for our kids that they will remember for years to come and would love to hear some of yalls traditions. I hope your Easter was wonderful, spent with people you love, and I hope you were reminded of Christ's goodness. Love you all. Xoxo

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