March 21, 2016

Our Week in Ouachita

Spring Break was one for the books. Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas is where we spent ours, and it didn't disappoint.
It was a four wheeler/ATV (all terrain vehicle) trip. We spent two days hanging at the cabin and exploring the "town." We spent three days riding around the ginormous expansive forest, and it was an absolute blast. We went up and down and all over the place getting as dusty and dirty as you can imagine, while periodically stopping by creeks and lakes to take in the sights. As well as midday snacks on top of small mountains and you can't forget, peeing in the woods. Something about all that nature, there really is nothing like it.
One of my favorite parts was every morning several of us would sit out on the wrap-around porch and drink our coffee. Beckham would play and ask (in his own little way) for anybody to take him down into the grass to run around. Usually Pops would oblige and take him to explore everything. It was fun watching him discover and just enjoy being outside.
One day we happened upon the most beautiful greenish blue pond, and Beckham sat there with aunt mo no throwing rocks into the water being a total goof ball. It was such a delight watching him squeal with excitement at all this new stuff he has never seen before.
His other favorite thing, cows.... I honestly thought he was going to get home when our week was done and have me take him each morning to see the cows that don't exist outside our back door. I was actually a little worried..thankfully he hasn't done that. One day he kept mooing and mooing, so Lolli decided to take him to look at those cows. The rest of us decided to join to. He was so fascinated by them I might buy him one for Christmas this year... Not really. A visit to see the Chickfila cow will have to do.
It was such a sweet time spent with family, and I totally recommend visiting Ouachita National Forest if you are into outdoor adventure and have something to ride. Our little outdoor boy couldn't have had a better time. The time away did our hearts good. It is nice to get refreshed and refocused on what life is really about outside of all the distractions. Jesus, family, and love - that is happiness to me. Hope you all had a restful week spent with people you love! 

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