March 18, 2016

Spring Break

It's spring break for us, and every year we go skiing. This year it was decided to do something different, and it has been such a fun change. Now that we have Beckham and he is just too little to ski, we are doing something that is fun for everyone and that includes him. He is obsessed with anything and everything that has wheels, and he refers to them all as Go Go's... Which is the cutest thing I've ever even heard might I add. He has his own little spot in the big side by side with Pops, and he sits there so content using his little hands to "pretend rev" his engine. He absolutely loves it. His car seat makes him sit high enough to see over the dash, and pops was even sweet enough to buy a windshield to make sure no dirt or bugs could get in his face. Talk about the royal treatment.  We are staying on the river in a nice little house/cabin and enjoying every second of it. This house is complete with a hot tub and a wrap-around porch. Some cows live right up the hill, which to Beckham's delight are within walking distance, so in the mornings he likes to point and say moo until someone takes him to see them.  One evening Blake and I decided to take Beckham and trek down the road in the "go go" to see the cows and the farm they live on. We have always talked about owning some land, moving to the country, and having a few animals. We think it would be so cool to let our kids grow up experiencing that. And we have hope that the grandparents live close so we can ride four wheelers to see them. It's fun to talk about dreams with your spouse and talk about all the things you want to accomplish together for your family. I would say dirty hair, hats, boots, and farm life suits us. Maybe, one day soon.  We sure did have fun pretending and enjoying the pretty land. There is something about nature surrounding you that makes you feel at peace. It was the most beautiful time of day, and we had to snag some photos of that early evening light. Magical.  After this we headed back for dinner with the fam and enjoyed our evening playing with Beckham. This trip has been so much fun, and if you are looking for a fun thing to do with your family (and baby) this is a good one for everyone! 

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