March 24, 2016

Traveling With a Baby

These pics are from one of my favorite days in Ouachita last week. The day started out very cold so we were bundled up especially Beckham, couldn't have my little baby freeze. We explored some pretty trails and let Beckham get out to walk around and play with pinecones. We rode for about 5 hours that day and we were covered in dust/dirt. We had to pull over in the forest to fix a flat tire on one of the ATV's. It just so happened that we stopped right next to a GORGEOUS greenish/blue/turquoise pond that just made my insides smile. It truly was so beautiful and we had fun throwing rocks and sinking in the pebbly beach that accompanied the pond. 

Ok, so we have traveled several times with Beckham over the past 16 months of his life (mostly road trips, one plane ride).... And those of you that have traveled with babes know it's not for the faint of heart. I try to go with the flow as much as possible, but I tend to get stressed easily (sometimes). I definitely don't have it all figured out nor am I a traveling expert BUT here are a few tips I've learned that make it a bit smoother.
1. Bring a compact bag of toys and books.
I always try to bring a bag in the car that is packed full of Beckham's favorite books and toys. He loves trucks so I always bring several things with wheels, a few interactive toys with buttons, and I always ALWAYS bring teether toys. Since this baby is constantly working on new teeth this is a necessary for him. Makes him so much happier when he can chew on something on those sore little gums.
2. Make snacks and bottles of milk easily accessible. I usually make sure the diaper bag is loaded with Ella's squeeze pouches as well as puffs and a few bottles of milk ready to go in a little thermal zipper pouch with an ice pack. This has saved my bootay so many times traveling. The good part is that he can snack or drink milk while in his car seat which means no unnecessary stops since I put it all in the floor by my feet. The faster we get there the better (get me outta this car). 
3. Have a couple of your baby's favorite TV shows or movies downloaded on an iPad or phone. If Beckham is really fussy or if he tries to get out of his seat, we bust out the big guns. TV. He loves Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines, so we always have a few episodes downloaded that way if we lose service we still have access to them.... Talk about a crisis averted. Usually he watches them or falls right to sleep, which is the best case scenario if you ask me. (Side Note) Also, can I be really honest and say before I had a baby I was all like..."My kids shall NEVER lay their little eyes on television" and then I had a baby and I was all like, "LOOK AT THIS TV SHOW..isn't it cool?!?! You wanna sit and watch it so I can sneak in the kitchen sit on the floor and eat cookies by myself...yay TV!!!!
4. Plan bathroom breaks and pit stops around your baby's nap schedule. We always try to make sure and drive drive drive while Beckham sleeps. We take full advantage of that quiet driving. When Beckham wakes up he is always ready to get out and stretch his little legs, so we try to take those opportunities to get some lunch or gas. That way we aren't stopping more than we need to. It makes a big difference when B gets to run and gets some of his wiggles out.
5. Go with the flow. We try to always designate a full day to relaxed travel. No need to rush and get there as fast as possible with unrealistic expectations or time schedules. We make sure that we enjoy the journey, and if the going gets tough just pull over and have some more wiggle time outside at a rest stop. This makes it a lot less stressful when you aren't on a time crunch with a baby. No one likes listening to a screaming inconsolable babe, so this ensures we never have to do that!
I always told myself I wouldn't let having a baby hold me back from doing things I would normally do. And traveling is something we really enjoy. It's actually more fun with a baby in tow. Getting to experience things through his fresh perspective is exciting to me, everything is new and the best thing ever to him. So be encouraged! Traveling with a baby doesn't have to be a nightmare. It can actually be really easy if you are prepared! 
Hope these tips help ease the traveling pains a bit because there is nothing better than getting to explore and experience this gorgeous world God created. Get out there and explore!

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