April 27, 2016

Flora's 1st Birthday

The many faces of "I don't want to take a picture"
 Out of focus but his face is too good not to share. He kept squealing at the top of his lungs like "WHAT THE HECK are we doing?...I would rather play with the chickens" he basically hates taking pictures more than anything. Poor guy.
 Meet Eelin, possibly Beckham's FAVORITE human of all time, maybe even above me! She in a way is a cousin of sorts. E is my sister's-sister in law's-little girl, but we all just call each other family. They seriously love playing together. At one point they were rolling around on the grass having a tickle fight. I couldn't even handle the sweetness. And there is B, photobombing. 
 Still dreaming about how good this cake was. My cousin, Bethany is a cake decorator amongst her many other talents. Her cakes y'all, always so beautiful and beyond delicious. 
Sweet daddy tickles, Beckham sure does love his daddy. 

We celebrated our sweet little Flora Bean this past weekend. My sister and her hubby threw the sweetest little (actually not little at all) backyard party. The theme was "flowers" because, well obviously, and it was so cute to see everything my sister worked hard to plan come together. There were tons of people there, family and friends. Flora got lots of sweet little gifts and had her very first taste of sugar! She sat in her little chair wearing flowers in her hair digging into a red velvet cake. It was precious. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics because there were SO MANY PEOPLE, and I couldn't squeeze through to get good snapshots. So just take my word, it was adorable. She just smiled and soaked up all the attention. It's crazy how fast these little babies grow up, all the cliches really are true. Those annoying people that you barely recognize when you and your mom bump into them at the grocery store...you know the ones. The ones who look at you and act shocked that you wear a bra now and can form sentences. They assure you that you were 2 years old last week and ask you where you are stashing that time machine... Yeah, those people. Well, I'm here to tell you they really aren't that crazy. It's true. Watching Beckham and Flora growing up so quickly, it really makes those grocery store run-ins make sense.
Time really does fly. I'm so happy we get to appreciate and celebrate milestones such as first birthdays. It was such a fun evening with people we love, and we are so blessed to have Flora in our lives. She brings so much joy. Happy Birthday sweet girl. 

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