April 3, 2016

Tulip Farm with Friends

Jillian Eppler Photography

This day was such fun. I love having friends that are always up for adventure and making a full day of it. My friends Cara and Jillian and I decided we wanted to visit the popular Texas Tulip farm that we had heard a lot about. Since spring is in bloom we couldn't think of anything better to get us in the mood for it. So we pulled through Starbucks for iced coffees and headed down the road to the Tulip Farm. It wasn't at all what I expected. It was a field with cars parked all in rows on the grass, and a little stand where they charge $2.50 to go in and walk around the tulips. It sure was absolutely beautiful though. The weather was perfect that day, the sun was shining bright, and there was a cool breeze, truly perfect. The field where the tulips were was big, and there was a long line of lovebirds and people with babies all eagerly awaiting to get in and look around.
The entrance was cute with a little tractor and a big sign that read "Texas Tulips $2.50each". There was a little stand where you could pick up a big white basket to put your freshly  picked tulips in. It was just so cute, all of it. We walked around and were disappointed to see that there weren't very many tulips. Most rows were just rows of greenery where tulips once stood but had since then been picked and taken home to brighten someone's kitchen. The tulip farm had already been open for a few weeks, but we walked around and had a blast anyway. Beckham thought it was great, all those plants and dirt to stomp on. He ran around like a wild man running from row to row, us chasing behind him trying to get him to stand still for one picture here, one picture there. Hahaha I'm sure the three of us looked like a sight trying to get him to stay put and smile. At one point upon his one emotional breakdown that day (he was such a good boy all day) Cara decided to put him in the little white tulip basket and take him for a ride. She was bouncing him up and down and up and down and making vroom noises that just made him giggle. It was so precious to watch, and I was so thankful that Cara was so sweet and helpful because it made the day easier and a lot more fun. We decided to let Beckham roam around as we followed, and somehow Jillian managed to snag some ADORABLE photos. Seriously, she is a talented photographer, and I feel so blessed to have such talented friends. If you need a photographer for something, look into Jillian and you will not be disappointed. I linked her photography page here. These photos just make me so happy, and she really captured Beckham's little silly personality. If you come over to my house you can expect to see these plastered all over the walls, and I'll probably give you a framed copy when you leave. I just seriously LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
These photos make me feel happy and expectant on what spring and summer will bring and all the fun that goes with the seasons.
Nothing better than that mixture of cool air and bright warm sunshine to whisk you into the season of cookouts and red checkered picnic tables covered with food. S'mores and movie nights outside on quilts under the stars. Hotdogs and pool parties with flamingos, floaties, and lemonade. These pictures give me great anticipation for all of that. Isn't it funny how a picture evokes a certain feeling?
We are looking forward to more adventures with Cara and Jillian because that day was my very favorite day in a while. We plan to visit the tulip farm next year when it opens. In the meantime, we will be here welcoming spring with open arms.

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