May 19, 2016

LA Day 1

 Matt Winkelmeyer
If you follow my instagram or snapchat you are well aware that Blake and I recently visited our best friends who live in California. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint one bit. It was my first time being away from Beckham for more than a couple of hours. I was super nervous thinking about how he would adjust to not having me there. Not to mention I weaned him from middle of the night feedings the week before. It was a tad cray cray, but we managed to do it. My in laws were sweet enough to take amazing care of him while we were away, and I am pretty sure they bought him as much stuff as he gets at Christmas (that's a lot). It was a brave thing for them to agree to since Beckham doesn't actually sleep through the night yet...we are getting there! I am so thankful for them and that they allowed Blake and I to have some time away with our friends, it was much needed. 
These pictures are from our first day there. Blake and I got up SUPER early that morning to fly out at 6:00am. We arrived in LA with a full day ahead of us. Unfortunately I was so excited and in shock that I was actually there that I didn't get my camera out much that day. We just enjoyed bouncing around town and being carefree. We went to Rawberri that morning, which is the most amazing acai bowl ever. They have the cutest wallpaper in there with little palm branches all over it. SO CUTE. I was excited to see it in person because I have seen it all over instagram lately. It was also my first time trying acai because Texas isn't up with the times apparently. I am thinking they need to build a Rawberri here. 
After that we went back to Taylor and Matt's apartment to drop our bags. Their apartment is so beyond cute, I really wish I would have taken some pics to show yall. It is in an older building, so there is so much character built into it. I just loved it.
We then headed out to see the sights. Taylor and Matt were excited to show us their stomping grounds. We hit up Starbucks because....duh, and the cool part is unlike Texas you can walk most places. We walked to Starbucks from their apartment. That cant happen in Texas, and I really enjoyed it so much! (I actually ended up getting shin splints that trip from so much walking...embarassing and hilarious.) We walked to the coolest record store that was 2 stories, it was huge. We shopped a little and then headed to get cupcakes and hit up Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive was really cool, just so many nice stores and cars. I can't imagine having that much money. It was fun to see it all. Matt was sweet and got some fun shots of me on Rodeo Drive. I joked on instagram about really not fitting on with my mom-i-form while walking around Rodeo but I didn't care! I actually walked across an intersection for some photos. Totally casual...(Don't worry mom the light was red.) 
So dinner our first night was really a highlight for me. My mother in law and I love watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One of the main housewives is Lisa Vanderpump, who owns the restaurant Pump. Taylor made us reservations, and we went to Pump for dinner. We got all dressed up and strapped on those highest heels, which was so good for this frumpy mama heart. Tennis shoes and jeans are my jam, but every now and then it's good to let that inner sexy flag fly, know what I mean. 
The restaurant was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. We sat in the courtyard that has the most beautiful olive trees strung with lights and jars full of twinkle lights. I can't even explain how gorgeous it was. Now that in itself would have been amazing BUT we are sitting there chatting and really enjoying ourselves when my husbands taps me on the arm and says "isn't that her?" HER WHO?!?! I looked up at the table directly across from me and low and behold Lisa freakin Vanderpump is taking her seat there. *CUE FANGIRL FREAKOUT*  I know I know she is just a person, but it was LISA HERSELF at her restaurant sitting across from me. HOW did this happen? What are the chances? I cant believe she is here, and I am here at the same time! All these things were running through my head, it was just so cool. Now obviously I have to try to get a picture with her because it's fate right? So we sit there and scheme about the best way to go about getting a pic with her...why is it so awkward to ask for one? We asked our super fun waiter named Logan what I should do, so he gave us the game plan that would work best. To make a long story short I went with the plan while she was on her way out, and I intercepted her and asked for a picture. She stopped to take one and then it happened..... The iphone did something it has never done before. It let us down! The picture WAS MEGA BLURRY. I mean you guys, she was in such a rush after that camera phone flashed to get out of there, there was no time for a do-over. We sat back down at the table, and I had a good laugh about it. Taylor was pretty distraught (still is to this day), but I just laughed. It kind of made the whole thing better. After all that planning, we failed. It was so much fun trying to get the photo regardless of the terrible blurry quality. Honestly, if the photo didn't turn out so bad, I wouldn't even be telling this story. There would just be a non blurry photo with Lisa Vanderpump on this post. It is way more fun this way. 
The thing I really loved about California is how beautiful everything is. I mean, these flower trees! What even is this.... So much beauty everywhere, and the weather could not have been any more perfect. I have to say I definitely fell in love with California for the second time. I have only visited once several years ago to San Fransisco. If all my friends and family would move with me I would most definitely live there. I just loved it so much. If you have never been, I suggest you go immediately. 
That was our first day, such fun. Take me back.
I have several more LA posts for you guys so buckle up.

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