May 25, 2016

LA Day 2

Day 2 in LA was fun and jam packed with happiness. We started our morning by hitting up California Donuts. Now, if you follow anybody that's cool, you have probably already seen these amazing looking donuts all over instagram. They have any and every flavor combo you could ever want in donut form. It is kind of crazy. Now granted on any normal day I probably wouldn't go for thin mint or mm covered donuts for breakfast, but when in rome, or LA, you gotta go big. Taylor and Matt were excited to let us try the crazy flavors and I was excited to cram my tummy full of that goodness. It was so fun walking up and seeing all the choices. We went with an assorted box of flavors we all picked out and split them so we could try multiple. I have to say I think my favorite was the fruity pebble covered donut. It was so good and also adorable to look at. It was fun. I might just fly back to LA for those donuts one of these days. 

Next we headed to our physical activity for the day. We thought we needed it after all those donuts we ate. We planned to hike to see the hollywood sign. It was supposed to be a short little hike about 3 miles in total. We were on a bit of a time crunch because Matt had a shoot he had to do later that day, but we planned to have plenty of time to hike to the sign and back. Let's just say we ran into a bit of a snag. We were all so excited to get going we didn't pay close enough attention to directions once we arrived. We ended up hiking the complete wrong way for a solid 20 minutes. We finally asked somebody, and they told us we were headed the wrong way, and the Hollywood sign was in fact on the other side of the planet. haha. We were stressed for time at this point so we jogged and power walked back to the start. At this point it was a little too late to do the full hike without stressing ourselves to get back in time. We didn't let this little hiccup hold us down. We took a drive to see how close we could get and ended up in a beautiful neighborhood. We found a little trail that took us relatively close to the sign and we started to hike up when we realized there were no trespassing signs, and the entire city of LA could see us on this mountain. We ran back down as quick as we could and took some photos in the "non illegal area." It is always really fun to see stuff that you see on TV and in movies in person.
Next we headed to the restaurant called Lemonade, which was DELICIOUS. As far as I know Texas is still missing out on the whole Lemonade greatness. My favorite part was the Lemonade itself. I wish I would have pulled out my camera and taken some pics of the food because it was truly tasty, and the lemonade was so cute. I got the cucumber mint lemonade, and safe to say, it was life changing. Basically all lemonade is ruined for me from here on out. I posted a few photos on Instagram (here) a ways back if you want to take a gander. 
Then we headed to Manhattan Beach because that's where Matt's shoot was. While he did his work thing Taylor and Blake and I headed down to the beach to chill. It was so BEAUTIFUL. It was a little chilly with the breeze coming off of the water, but we ran around like idiots and sat and appreciated the beauty. There is something about the ocean that is unlike anything else. It truly is breathtaking and awe inspiring. We snagged some photos just hanging out and having fun. We also people watched everyone on the beach. There was a sweet couple with their very teeny tiny baby taking family photos with the assistance of their tripod. There were surfers, joggers running by, and people playing volleyball. My favorite person was a 20 something girl in a white swimsuit trying to get some photos in the water. I'm assuming for her portfolio... The funny part was each time the waves came they knocked her down and she squealed because the water was freezing. You guys, it was hilarious. Bless her, I hope she managed to get some good photos. I'm still laughing just thinking about it. 
Our last stop on day 2 was a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. There was a very long wait and a lot of happy people standing around waiting to be seated. It just felt so fun and celebratory. They had delicious food and a mariachi band that played inside. Now I won't lie, by this time I was very tired. The 2 hour time change really does screw you up a little when it gets to be bedtime. It was about 11pm Texas time (which is past my bedtime) when we were eating dinner, but I managed to enjoy our time there. We had the best day and got to see so much of LA. We then headed back to the apartment, and you know I went to sleep so fast. One of the best parts of the trip was sleeping all night without a little baby waking me up. Talk about true vacation right there. 
Next Up Day 3. Stay Tuned 

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