May 28, 2016

LA Day 3

This day was so much fun. We started our day with Starbucks as per usual, then headed to Santa Monica Pier to meet my favorite blogger of all time, Naomi Davis from Love Taza. She just happened to be there at the same time that we were and again, fate right? So we had to make sure we met up with her. She was the most adorable thing I've ever even seen and so beyond sweet. It honestly made me love her more. (I know I know....Creeper status.) She complimented my lipstick, which was kinda awesome, and we exchanged emails, got some coffee, and spent the rest of the day talking about our dreams. Ok, everything after the lipstick part was a lie, wishful thinking, but it was great meeting her. Check out her blog if you haven't (here). She is basically God's gift to blogging and has the most adorable children ever.
After meeting her we walked around the pier for a bit and enjoyed all the excitement. We had big plans to spend most of our day at a winery so we headed off to our destination shortly after.
Saddlerock Winery in Malibu was so beautiful. I've never been to a winery but have wanted to for a long time now. Taylor and Matt packed us the most delicious picnic of things that pair well with wine. We had cheese and really yummy meat (Taylor didn't touch that, vegetarian you know), crackers, and hummus. It was all so gooooooood. I ate a lot. We bought several bottles of wine, and we just sat on our blanket on the lawn and laughed and talked and laughed some more. It was so relaxing. The weather was dreamy, as it was the entire trip, and it just felt perfect laying there in the sun. It was the most relaxing afternoon I've had in a very very long time. We just had so much fun. If you have never been to a winery and you are of age, you should totally plan a trip with your closest friends and spend time there just sitting, unplugging, and bonding. It's good for the soul let me tell you.
It was so gorgeous, we had to take lots of photos of course, and there was a gorgeous lookout that you could see for miles. It was my favorite thing. We actually did lots more this day, but the winery was the only thing we really got the camera out for. We visited the famous pink wall that is all over bloggers' social media feeds and took pictures by it. Taylor and I were acting like idiots and made the security guard laugh. Then Matt and Blake started mocking us and posing in front of the wall, and things got really hilarious. It was such fun.
We got dressed up this night for the second time, which again, much needed when you feel like a frump-a-lump most days. We went to Pizzeria Mozza that night, and it was SOOOOO GOOOOD. I mean wow. So good. I'm a pizza girl through and through, like I'm telling you it's my love language. So it was a good night for me. If you ever visit LA you have to eat there. You won't be disappointed. We had plans to go out that night but ended up going back to Taylor and Matt's apartment, which was totally fine with me. I mean, don't forget the sleep was one of my favorite things on that trip.
We had a fun full day planned for day 4, our last day there, so the beauty rest was needed.
Next up, our last day of fun.

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