May 31, 2016

LA Day 4

OH NO. I was hoping Day 4 was never going to come. Thankfully we made the most of our day and did a TON. You know those days you have that are so long they feel like the “memories” from the morning were like a week ago? That is exactly what Day 4 felt like, very long and very fun. 
We headed to get breakfast at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and it was so good. I could almost feel the fat forming on my body as I ate it, but it was worth it. We then headed to Alfred’s Coffee shop because coffee is necessary always. The coffee shop was SO FUN. It had so much character and a really good “vibe,” as much as I hate describing a feeling as a vibe. It had a good one, so just go with it. Now I am sure I am just close-minded because I am addicted to Starbucks, but no matter how hard I try I can never enjoy iced coffee anywhere but Starbucks. It all just tastes like chocolate milk to me. I am sure for you open-minded individuals it is probably really good coffee. Don’t judge ok, I just can’t help it. Loved the coffee shop as a whole. If it wasn’t looked down upon next time I would probably just take my Starbucks iced coffee there and enjoy the atmosphere. Probably not a great idea, so I will just do what we did this day and head to Starbucks next. Technically we hit up the camera store (where we saw Kendall Jenner!) then Starbucks, so there was like an hour break in between coffees. The first step is admitting the problem, so I am on the right track. Haha
We then went to see the touristy things. We had to stop by the famous lamp posts and spaghetti strings (I don’t know what they are supposed to be) and take some pics because that is something that you just have to do when you visit LA. It was so cool, and I was trying to figure out why Dallas is so lame without cool random stuff like that. 
Next stop lunch and Boutegga Loui for macarons! Macarons oooooh macarons. They are aggressively tempting with their adorableness, just look at those things. The most precious little box of sweets anyone could ever indulge in. One of them had gold dust all over it, are you kidding me with that? Sold, I will take a box of 100 please. Taylor and I saved these little puppies half of the day until we got to the beach. We thought, what better way than to enjoy them at the beach? 
I have some unfortunate news, I hated them. Honestly, they were SO BAD. One of them even reminded me of the smell of old musty curtains. I am not eating that, I am sorry, pretty sure it was the cutest one with gold on it too. As much as I would like to say they were good, I can't do it. They're still cute and a lot of people like them, so just pretend these little adorable macaron nugs taste like heaven. 
 How cute are they?!?!^^^ @taylorwinkelmeyer @mattwinkelmeyer
 Matt had the brilliant idea that day about 3:30pm that we should head to Manhattan Beach and make a fire on the beach. We rushed to the store to get supplies for a weeny roast as well as smores. We really wanted to get there before dark, and it was a decent little car ride away. 
We got to the beach and realized IT WAS PACKED. We were hoping that we could get a pit to ourselves, and we ended up finding a side of the beach that was a long walk from the parking lot, but it had available fire spots. We ended up making it well before the sun went down and had a successful hotdog party and s'mores party. 
 The highlight was watching Taylor and Matt tag team Taylor’s Tofu Dog. hahahahaha. I am cracking up thinking about it. It wanted to fall all apart, and it was a sight watching them cook it on a wire hanger.  It was a little on the chilly side that evening. We had sweatshirts and jackets on, but that wind coming off the water was COLD and so were we. It didn’t make it any less fun. We got to talk and relax and enjoy our last night together. Honestly it was really the best way to end our trip there. I think back often to that night with a smile on my face. It is just one of those good days you want to bottle up and keep forever in a treasure box. What life is all about. We were so thankful that we were able to visit Matt and Taylor. We hope to go back soon for a visit. LA is one of my new favorite places, mostly because Matt and Taylor live there, but I definitely want to go back and explore with them again soon! 

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