June 9, 2016

Our Summer Adventure List

Well summer has arrived, and now we are all trying to figure out what we are going to do to occupy our time without sweating to death. 

To me, summer is all about making memories. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summer. There has always been something so magical about it, probably partly because school was out, and it was whatever you wanted to do every day. I created a list of things that I plan to do this summer with Beckham and Blake, and I hope this list inspires you to get out and do some fun stuff with your family, no matter what it might consist of. 
Granted this list is several things I have done before and several places I’ve never been. So hopefully everything turns out to be a good time. 
  1. Plant Nursery. I know what you are thinking. BUT WHY? It is kind of random I know. These pictures are from a morning at the plant nursery. It was fun, and Beckham had the time of his life. The good part about babies: it doesn’t take much to interest them. He walked around and smelled all the plants, got to (kind of) ride on a cart, and stomp in all the puddles. Pick out a few flowers or succulents or whatever, and go home and plant them together. It’s a fun little bonding activity that is also a way to help your little learn something new. They get to dig in the dirt and sling it around (depending on your parenting style), and at the end of it you have a sweet little potted plant that reminds you of your fun day. 
  2. Ham Orchards. We plan on visiting this orchard in Terrell this summer called Ham Orchards. They are known for their peaches, and I am pretty sure they make the most delicious looking ice cream I have ever even seen. I am honestly so excited to try that. They have a little blackberry patch where you can let the babes pick their own little berries. I mean, how fun is that?! We plan to come home with a bag of peaches to enjoy the rest of that week. I am thinking peach cobbler needs to happen. There is always something so sweet about orchards. 
  3. Arboretum/Summer concert. Ok, If you follow me on snapchat you are well aware that I visit the Arboretum gardens probably way too much. We love going to see all the flowers and just enjoy being outside in a well manicured HUGE space. There is just something about it. We like to take a picnic and eat on the grass under a tree while Beckham runs around in their soft grass. It gets a little too hot in the summer to fully enjoy walking around, but the perfect solution is summer concerts. On Thursdays there are concerts in the evening from 7:30-9:30. It's perfect because we still get to be outside, Beckham can run and play and snack, and there is beautiful music. It is also a little less hot in the evenings. Cant wait to go and enjoy a few concerts this summer!
  4. Perot Museum. Ok, I am obsessed with museums you guys. Like, let me visit all the museums that exist. We want to take Beckham this summer. BONUS- it is indoors, so no sweat and heat exhaustion happening. I am not sure if Beckham is too young to appreciate it, but I think he will get into it and have a good time. The Perot Museum is just really cool, and if you haven’t been, you need to visit asap. 
  5. Klyde Warren Park. This park is fun. Located on top of a highway (sounds sketchy but it's totally cool), it sits right in the midst of Dallas and all the tall buildings. We plan to have a little picnic and enjoy the little water features. There are a few little fountains that Beckham loves running through, and I love it because it keeps him cool. They have a ton of open grass that is perfect for that picnic we plan to take, and they have a little kid play area that is fenced in. They also have a restaurant that sits at one end of the park, so if you aren’t into picnicking that is totally a cool place to eat. 
  6. Splash Pad. We plan to find a splash pad that is local and go with all our little friends. There is nothing better than a bunch of little chubby baby bodies in swimsuits splashing around and squealing. It is the perfect way to enjoy summer outside and not get overheated. After we splash around we plan to invite everyone back to our house for some naps, some play time in the AC, and some iced coffee for the mamas. 
  7. Dallas World Aquarium. This aquarium is big, so we plan to make it a solid half a day there. Beckham loves going to the aquarium. I mean, LOVES it. We took him when he was about 7 months old and he stuck his hand in a fish tank and all the little fish came up to nibble his chubby little fingers. He didn't even budge...he was all like "What Up little fish?" and I was in the background like THOSE AREN'T PIRANHAS RIGHT?!? I'm totally that chill mom......not.ever. I can't wait to take him now that he is older and his favorite thing to do is freak out and point at everything. I think it's going to be fun.
  8. Dallas Zoo. Animals. Duh. Beckham has pretty much most of the animal noises down, so it will be so fun to see him see the actual animals in person. I think this might be his highlight as long as it's not scorching outside. I will probably bring a little spray bottle to mist us and lots of cold water and coconut water to make sure none of us overheat. 
  9. Hawaiian Falls. This place is near and dear to my heart. They have 6 locations around the metroplex and each park is SO fun. I worked at this particular waterpark for 6 years and loved it. I am really excited to experience it from the other side of things now that I have a toddler. I think he will absolutely love it. These waterparks are SUPER family friendly, and the staff is honestly wonderful. If you have never been I encourage you to go and enjoy. They always run specials for discounted tickets, so refer to their website before you go!
  10. Texas Discovery Gardens/Butterfly House in Fair Park. More plants…I guess you could say I have a thing for plants. I'm a weird plant lady, kinda. Several acres of native and adaptive plants and it's just a little more rugged than the Arboretum. Perfect for the littles to run around and get some wiggles out. The fun part about the Discovery Gardens is that there is a butterfly house where they release butterflies everyday at noon. How freaking fun is that? A lush garden oasis indoors where butterflies are flying around. Sign us up. They also have a snake exhibit. I am not particularly into snakes, but I think Beckham will like seeing them and learning, so we plan to check it out. Also, the more I hear his little "ssssssss" snake noises the better, so I'll just focus on Beckham and not look at the actual snakes. 

It is so much fun to get out and explore your city. I know we always tend to get in a rut of things we do because we have done them before. Our goal this summer is to branch out and do things that are new and fun. I am so excited to complete our list of 10 things this summer! What are some fun things you like to do? I would love to hear what everyone else has planned for them and their babes this summer!

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