July 2, 2016

Home Tour

Welcome to our home, come on in and stay a while. This is as close as we can get to having you over for coffee. I never thought I would be able to have so many people visit our house, but that is what is so fun about blogging! 
Let me just give you a little background. Our home was built in the 80’s which means lots of “old” features that aren’t necessarily our taste. We have had fun turning this house into our home one little step at a time. When we moved in right after our honeymoon this place was ALL BROWN. You guys, I am talking wood EVERYWHERE on the walls but carpet on the floors. They had something backwards in the 80’s, no offense to anyone who loves the 80’s. The real kicker was the smell, this house smelled like a herd of a hundred 85 year old alpacas. Are you following me here….kinda like a petting zoo without the adorable animals to pet. It just stunk, ok. We ripped up the carpet because I was legitimately allergic to it….lets just say the people that lived here before us could have used a lesson or 30 on cleaning. DIFFERENT STROKES right? So we got wood installed on the floor and painted over the wood on the walls…travesty, I know, my dad was pretty distraught about that. But again, different strokes for different folks. Then the fun began as we started shopping for furniture and other things that make a house a home and finding things that match our personalities. We found all of our “soft furniture” new. Ikea is a good place for couples on a budget (US!), so we purchased our sofa and bed there. However I LOVE going to antique stores and finding special nick nacks that I can clean up and use throughout the house. After all, I think the home is a place to feel rested as well as reflect your family and style as a couple. I would say our home has a bit of a cozy, colorful, & carefree vibe, which I find very easy to be at peace in. When people come over they usually mention to me that it’s cozy, which I am pretty sure has something to do with the ungodly amount of string lights I have throughout the house. I can’t help it, they are so beautiful and speak to me from the shelves at target. They just create good atmosphere, and I just keep buying them (sorry babe).
Since we are on the topic, I will let you in on a little secret. I am a hoarder of a few things: coffee mugs, pillows of all kinds, and string lights. These things just make my heart happy, and I hoard large quantities of all because I can. My husband gives me the hardest time and we get a good laugh about it. 

Our living room is where we spend the most time, which almost goes without saying. I tried to keep the big pieces neutral in most rooms and add color in the little details. I think one of my favorite things in my living room is the gallery wall. We have a pretty massive TV, and I didn’t want it to feel like the focal point of the room. I decided to put pictures I collected all around to distract from the TV, and I love how it turned out. We get lots of good natural light in our living room which is also a plus. The brighter the better. My coffee table was built by my brothers, and I seriously love it. Its pretty adorable how many cars and toys I find in that table at the end of everyday. Its pretty safe to say Beckham loves that table because he thinks it is his special hiding spot. 

The kitchen. It always seems to be a gathering spot anytime we have people over. What is it about kitchens that are magnetic like that? My favorite thing in here are the cabinets. There are a ton of them (not all pictured), and my cousin, Lexi, and I spent several days painting these bad boys. It was sooooo time consuming, but I wanted them to be bright white with a pop of color inside, and I am so happy we did it. The white makes it feel a lot less “dingy” in here compared to the cream color they were before, and anytime I open a cabinet its like a fun little surprise of color. We bought the cabinet hardware at home depot to give them a clean finish. My little kitchen has come a long way. 

Beckham’s playroom located right off the living room has his special little teepee from House in Habit. He seriously loves that thing and plays in there every single day. We didn’t get a lot of pictures of his playroom but just picture a lot of toys everywhere. I try my best to stay organized with baskets but it gets pretty crazy in there everyday. I am hoping to do a playroom organizational blog post soon. 

Beckham’s room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It's so bright and cheery and the built-in bookshelves give me life. I had the most fun stocking his little shelves with books and special things that I collected from antique stores. He has a few special little antique cars kept up there that were given to him by several people. He loves being able to get them down and play with them every once in a while. His little room is so sweet, it reflects his little personality so well. I am excited to decorate more nurseries in the future, I kinda feel like it's my calling. 

The dining room is normally where I have loads of laundry ready to fold. It also doubles as a workspace for computer and blogging to take place. I have come to realize we really need an office one day wherever we end up, but for now our dining room will do! My favorite things in the dining room are located in the contemporary grandfather clock shelf. The little sign we had at our wedding stays in there as well as a few leftover sparklers. Blake’s boutineer he wore at our wedding is also on one of the shelves in a little glass box. It’s always just a sweet little reminder of that day when I walk past. 

Special shoutout to Jillian Eppler Photography who took most of these photos. Really just all the good ones, with a few of mine dabbled in there. You are the best Jillian!

Our room is also a place I love just sitting in. I used to spend a lot more time in here before Beckham. I would curl up in one of the big comfy chairs and read for hours. Now we spend more time playing on the rug, chasing Indy around, and jumping on the bed. This room really is so bright and cheery, and it is located at the back of the house so it always feels so cozy and secluded. If you look closely you can see my big stack of books located on the left nightstand. I always say I will make time to read through them, and I never do. One of these days, until then I will let them collect more dust. 
I hope you enjoyed touring our home! We are pretty happy here and super thankful for such a great little starter home. I plan to do another home tour on my snapchat to cover everything I didn’t get to on here. So hop over there soon (username: emilyspeir) and I will show you around some more!  

If you are in need of a photographer check out Jillian Eppler Photography. She is the sweetest, with a good eye for raw candid moments like the ones she captured for us. She would love to shoot for your family too! She is also VERY affordable. 


  1. What a sweet post. I'd love to make something similar to your pom pom garland for our home! Do you happen to have a tutorial for it?

    1. I am currently working on getting a Pom Pom string light tutorial done! Hopefully within the next 2 weeks I will have that up :) It is seriously my favorite thing ever!