July 6, 2016

The Fourth of July!

 That swim hair and little ice pop in hand, gets me every time.

 He carried ice pops around with him all day. 

The new face he makes that is my absolute favorite.  
This duo is too cute for words^ 
 Throwing little poppers with Daddy. 

The Fourth of July is a favorite of mine. It's right up there behind Christmas for me. I can't exactly put my finger on why, but it just brings me so much joy. It makes my heart so thankful spending the day with people I love while we celebrate this great country and our freedom. Also, I really love having the excuse to dress over the top patriotic. Every year we go over to my in laws house and hangout outside in their big backyard. My mom in law always throws a Pinterest worthy party that I never manage to get enough pictures of. There is always tons of food, lots of dessert, and cold watermelon. Cold watermelon when it's hot outside - I'm pretty positive there is nothing better in the entire world. It's totally my jam.
 Beckham is at that perfect age when every holiday is made so much richer. I'm pretty sure he loved having so many friends to play with outside since that is his favorite place to be. I let Beckham have his first lick of a Popsicle. I'm pretty strict when it comes to him eating stuff with sugar in it. I was feeling a little festive I guess, and I thought WHY NOT!? Well to my delight he hated that Popsicle. He took about 5 licks to make sure he got a good taste for it, but he pretty quickly said "mama" with a disgusted look on his face and handed it back to me. Then Lolli (my mom in law) brought him her homemade ice pop instead. He LOVES water Popsicles. He ended up carrying it around licking it until it was gone, then he requested another. Nothing better than Popsicle (water or sugar kind) dripping down a pudgy little baby belly. Pretty sure that's on my top 10 most adorable things list. Once Beckham got all "played out" outside, we made our way inside to cool off and watch Cars. If you follow my snapchat you get to see first hand that he always has a car of some kind in hand. So it only makes sense that Cars is his favorite movie of all time. Beckham had a blast playing with Caleb and Jillian. He seriously has the best time when they are around because they just love him and are so much fun. I highly recommend being the first one in your close knit friend group to have a baby. They get all the attention, and it's so sweet to watch all your friends love on your baby.
That evening we headed over to Blake's grandparents house. My father in law always buys a TON of Fireworks to shoot off, so we head out of the city into the country (Blake's grandparents house) in order to shoot them all off! It's always so much fun. We indulged in some hot dogs... Of course my one hot dog a year quota is met on this day. HAHAHA. This year was Beckham's first year to actually understand what was happening. He was a bit unsure of it all. I'm not sure if he hated the boom of the fireworks or his noise cancelling head phones more. Needless to say we were inside for the night about 5 minutes in. We did, however, manage to do one sparkler before heading inside, and he wasn't sure about that either. He clung to me pretty tight which was OK with me. Baby snuggles make the world go round. I made sure to give him two naps that day, one pretty late in the evening, to ensure he'd stay up for all the fun. What a little party animal, but as soon as we got him in the car he was out. Overall we had a really wonderful Fourth of July and I'm already looking forward to next year's!  So thankful to live in America and thankful that we have the freedom to celebrate with friends and family.


  1. Love these pics so much, Em! Miss being there to celebrate with you all. <3

    1. We missed y'all so much this year, and every year!

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