August 17, 2016

Pom Pom Tutorial

It is finally time. The pom pom tutorial is here! Seriously these pom poms are my favorite thing in my entire house. I originally made them last Christmas to match all the ornaments on my tree. Well...I ended up loving them so much that they never came down. I get lots of compliments on these little things, and I have gotten a lot of you interested in seeing a tutorial. I hunkered down and did it (it was pretty involved to take pictures of every step, you will understand in a moment).
These are really so easy to make, and once you get in a rhythm you can knock them out so fast. It's pretty relaxing to sit and make them, so I usually make a bajillion in one sitting. 
I hope you have fun making some! 
For your supplies you will need yarn of all different colors and textures, whatever your heart desires! You could even make all white and cream ones that are different style yarn textures to make a fun monochromatic pom pom string. I usually try to use some really fluffy/thick yarn as well as some regular thin yarn. You honestly can't go wrong. I personally like the different textures to make it interesting! (My fluffy yarn not pictured because I used it all, haha.) You will also need some scissors that cut well. The better your scissors cut, the easier it will be! You will need some cardboard, a writing utensil, and something round to trace the shape for your template. I used a mason jar lid. The size of your circle will determine the size of your pom poms.
To begin, get your template traced. You will need two templates of the same size. Once you have them traced, cut them out as best as you can. Don't stress if your cardboard bends a little, its a little tricky to cut stiff cardboard. 
Once you have your templates traced, cut out about an inch and a half circle in the middle of each. You should also cut a slit big enough to fit yarn through. As you can see mine aren't perfect, but as long as they are pretty close in size and shape it will work just fine!
Now the fun part!
 Put both the cardboard templates together, so the slits you made line up with each other. Grab your yarn and begin wrapping the cardboard templates with it. 
 You will use the slits you made in your template to bring the yarn through to the center. I usually work from one side to the other. You can go back and forth several times to make sure all the cardboard is covered. 
 You can continue working with one color yarn or you can switch to another color anytime you like! I decided to change to my next color because I love mixing the colors and having bright, interesting pom poms. This is simple, just cut the yarn and begin working with the next color wrapping in the same direction. There is no need to tie them together just make sure and overlap the yarn to hold it in place. 

I wrapped the hot pink yarn heavily around one side and decided to change colors again. Like I said there is no wrong way to do this part. You can change yarn colors as many times as you like. The more you change the more colors will be in your finished pom pom!
 I wrapped the orange around several times all over, then changed back to my original color to finish it off. 
You will want to wrap yarn around your template until it is almost impossible to fit anymore on there. As you can see the center of my template is completely filled with yarn. The more yarn you use, the thicker and fuller your pom pom will be once you cut it. I like my pom poms to be as full as possible. Ain't nobody got time for a stringy wimpy looking pom pom!
Now just cut your yarn and lay it down on top of the other yarn. We are about to do some pom pom magic, so there is no need to tie or tuck or secure it. 
Pull the cardboard templates apart as best as you can. This will be a little tough especially if you wrapped your yarn too tight. Not to worry, you just need to be able to fit your scissors in there. 
 Wiggle those scissors around until you get them in there and begin cutting the yarn. This is where the sharp scissors will be your friend. If your scissors are dull at all on the end this will be difficult and maybe a little annoying. It is possible though, just work with it until you get it!
 Keep pulling your cardboard apart as you go. You will need to cut the yarn all the way around your template.
 Once you are done cutting the yarn, lay it down so the "slit side" is facing up. Starting to look like a pom pom! Yay!
 Cut yourself some yarn long enough to tie around the middle of your template a few times. I usually cut myself about 12 inches of yarn just to be safe. If you want to have some yarn hanging out of your pom pom (like my finished pom pom string light example) cut yourself some extra length here. 
 Get your yarn in the middle of the cardboard template and pull it around to the other side and meet them together. Pull the yarn as tight as you can around the center of the pom pom and tie a knot. 
 You should have a knot in the center of the cardboard template. I would loop it back around again and tie one more knot just for extra hold. 
 Now you can slide your cardboard template off of the pom pom. Shake out your pom pom to make everything fluff up a bit. 
 Now you get to pretend you are a hairdresser. This part is so fun to me, haha. You get to give your pom pom a haircut! Trim up your pom pom and make sure all the yarn is the same length all over. Don't be afraid to take some yarn off, the more you trim, the thicker the pom pom looks. You can make your pom pom a lot smaller if you want to as well. 

Note: if you want the yarn hanging down (like mine) don't cut the extra long tail off here that you used to tie the knot. Move it out of the way as you cut the rest of the pom pom to match. 

Now do that several more times and make all the different colored pom poms that your heart desires!
 Get yourself a big needle. Mine is just one that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The bigger the eye of the needle, the easier it will be to thread your needle (especially with puffy yarn). 
 Thread your needle. I typically use white yarn for this, but I used purple so it would be easier to see. Just remember you want something that just blends in. Pull the yarn so that the two tails coming out of the needle are the same length. This will make your string a little bit stronger in order to hold all those heavy pom poms. You basically just want to make sure you have a double layer of yarn running through each pom pom. 

 Get your pom poms lined up in the order you want them hung up. Run the needle through the center of the pom pom and bring it out the other side. 
 Continue to run your needle through each pom pom that follows. Going through the middle of each from one side to the other. 
 Once you have strung all the pom poms onto the string you can cut the yarn so that the needle is free. 
 Now you have your pom poms all ready to be hung up and admired by everyone! Make sure to leave some string on each side to ensure you have something to hang it up with!
I hung up my pom pom string and made sure it was secure. I wanted to make sure the string could hold them up before adding the lights. All I did from here was wrap the lights around the pom pom string loosely all the way down.  I secured the lights to the wall on each side because I didn't want to put any weight on my pom pom string. Easy as that!
   Seriously, I think looking at this you would never know how easy it is to make! Until now that is. I hope you guys enjoy making some pom poms and I cant wait to see your pictures of your finished pom pom string lights! So festive and fun for anytime of year. I am currently making another one of these myself....Just trying to figure out where to put it! Thanks for hanging with me, and I will be back soon. Let me know if there are any other tutorials you want me to conquer!


  1. Awesome tutorial Em! We may need to have a Girls Day to make Pom Poms, I need to brighten up my office.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Emily! It makes your home look so cozy. I think I might make a monochromatic one with white and cream yarn to get that Joanna Gaines farmhouse effect ;).

  3. Absolutely love this!
    - Erica (@aimingforaugust)