August 3, 2016

Pool Day

It's been a hot minute since I've been around. WOAH. So sorry, I feel like I apologize a lot for skipping weeks at a time in my little blogging box. I've said it before and I'll say it again, LIFE. Am I right? It's such a juggling act. I actually don't even know how to juggle, so it's a problem. You get it. Haha no really...I'm trying my best. Writing is a way I like to express myself unlike anything else. I find peace in getting whatever is cooped up on my insides to the outside. Lately, I just haven't made time for it.

But here I am, making time, per your requests. I didn't know if anyone was actually missing me. Turns out some of you were, so thank you!
Just a little life update: IT'S CRAY. Have I already covered that? Just so we are clear. It's soooooo wonderful though. Like legit in the sweet spot of life right now. Everyday with Beckham is new and adventurous and fun. I'm loving this whole stage of motherhood.
My cousin, Lexi, is in town from DC. Lexi is basically my spirit animal, love her so much. When we were kids we hung out CONSTANTLY. Attached at the hip status, so it's fun now being adults and still enjoying each other's company just as much. Since Lex is in town we made a day to hangout, and it did not disappoint. We started our morning by heading to Chiloso for breakfasts tacos. Legit - life changing. Lexi had to get her fix since apparently DC boycotts breakfast tacos and nobody makes them. Sooooo note to self: never move there. We went back to my Aunt's house and played with Beckham until nap time. Once nap time was in full swing we thought we needed to do something for old time's sake, so we busted out the Nintendo and played Super Mario Karts for an hour. We cracked up, slipped on a lot of bananas, yelled threats at Princess, and had red thumbs by the time we were done. Also, those old school graphics are hard on the eyeballs. My goodness. So fun though.
When Beckham woke up we headed to the pool! Such fun, Beckham loves it because it has a little splash pad next to the pool. He is pretty timid around all the intense sprayers, but for some reason he still runs around avoiding the water and giggling. It's pretty freaking adorable. He is at that weird stage where he wants to be independent but secretly-not-too-secretly wants me to help with everything. It's fun watching his littler personality develop I gotta say. We ran around, got in the big pool, splashed, played, and decided we needed some AC. Texas is HOOOTTTT right now. Like so hot you feel your face sweating off and never have to pee because your body is losing so much liquid via your pores. Humidity at level 1,000 and just plain miserable unless you are bathing in a bathtub full of ice. Ok, maybe a tad extreme, but it's pretty hot. We headed back to the house after this to play and (not sweat) relax. It was the first time in a long time I just felt content and unrushed. We hung out literally all day long, and it's days like this that make me really sad that Lexi doesn't live here anymore.
We have some fun things coming up: a 2 week long trip at the end of this month beginning of next. I plan to blog the entire thing so GET EXCITED. Or don't, whatever. I'm working on getting a Pom Pom string light tutorial up soon! PROMISE. So come back soon. Scouts honor I won't disappear this time. Thanks for stopping by.

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