September 15, 2016

My Favorite Wooden Watch

We just got back from a 2 week trip where we traveled to Yellowstone National Park, as well as Colorado. We had a blast, and saw A LOT of nature. Yellowstone is probably one of the most awe-inspiring places I've ever been to. It is a perfect mixture of forest, open fields, and tons of extremely beautiful pools of hot, bright, colored water. There was something really surreal about looking down into those pools of water watching the steam rise and seeing the hole that goes down into the earth to who knows where? It was seriously so CRAZY. Almost hard to describe how cool it was. 
They looked so inviting, but knowing that one touch and my skin would melt off made it a little easier to admire them from a safe distance. 
These pics are partially a day in Yellowstone and partially a day in Colorado. There are no camp fires allowed in Yellowstone since the forest has had some fire issues lately. So all you Smokey the Bears out there, don't worry, we obeyed the rules. 
These two particular days were fun filled! We started in Yellowstone, which is where all the gorgeous pools of water were. Beckham loved them and honestly wanted to go for a swim. We made sure to keep him wrangled pretty close to one of us at all times. He stomped around in his boots all proud, and he had fun seeing all the gorgeousness that Yellowstone has to offer. We visited a waterfall that day too, and at this point Beckham was ready to not be exploring and just be playing. Haha. 

Now our days in Colorado were a little more laid back. We hung around the campsite and enjoyed the campfire. This particular day we had been exploring the town and headed back to the campsite for play time. Beckham's favorite thing was to open the back of the camper and play with his cars and trucks. He seriously would play back there by himself for LONG periods of time. It was so cute and awesome. One of the most fun parts about camping is meals cooked over the fire. This meal was DELICIOUS and so pretty, a bunch of goodness wrapped up in foil and grilled to perfection. And as always we had to finish it off with s'mores because....if you don't eat s'mores every night after dinner, did you even really go camping?
One thing about our trip that I didn't expect was ZERO CELL SERVICE. I'm talking my phone said "No Service" at the top, and I was all flustered about it at first. Not really, but it was odd feeling so disconnected. After a day it was actually really nice. Disconnecting was almost like a reset in a sense. My phone basically turned into a camera and that's about it. 
(I was able to link my
phone up with my husband's in town to post one Instagram photo everyday, so I kinda cheated.)

I took my favorite watch from JORD on this trip, and I was so happy I did! Something about wearing a watch (a non digital watch) makes me feel a little old school, you know, like all the people back in Lucille Ball's day who wore watches on their wrist. And I pretty much like to pretend I'm BFF with Lucille. I always like to make "investments" when it comes to timepieces because I feel like they are really timeless. I don't think watches will ever really go out of style, and I love the thought of having a few really beautiful watches to wear for years to come. This JORD watch is such a unique watch because the band is made out of wood. Seriously, how cool is that? This is a darker wood grain, so I think it's so rich looking. Something I've noticed about this watch is that it's so versatile. For example, it's really easy to dress up with wedges and a cute dress or dress down, like I did here, with a sweatshirt and a baseball cap. The emerald face is just SO PRETTY and the gold detail on it basically speaks my love language. They also have men's watches and I am thinking about getting my hubs one for our upcoming anniversary! (shhhh don't tell him)

I have had my eye on a few other women's watches from JORD such as this one here

Just trying to figure out the right amount of time I need to wait in order to not seem greedy. Hahaha. If you are looking for a beautiful statement watch to add to your accessory shelf I seriously could not suggest a JORD watch more. 

Now for the fun giveaway!

JORD will be giving away one $75 voucher to one winner!
And each person who enters will automatically receive a $20 e-gift card! So really, there is no reason not to enter!
I've attached the link below in order to enter to win! The contest will close on September 25, so make sure to get your entry in before then!

I am working on a few more blogposts from our trip so stay tuned.  

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.
Ladies Wood Watch

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