January 7, 2017

Makeup Routine

After getting questions over Instagram and Snapchat for a while now, I decided to share all the makeup products that I use and love. I'm sharing my everyday makeup routine with you in hopes that you will find a product you love in here somewhere. I consider myself a decently frugal person when it comes to buying any product, especially makeup. I'll try the drugstore inexpensive product before I rush to a department store and buy that fancy over-the-counter, name brand, "sales associate needed to purchase" type of product.
I've come to learn that it's worth a little extra cashola if it's something I'm going to cover my skin with on the (almost) daily. That's why I use bareMinerals face makeup. I've found it applies better than any other makeup to my specific face. Probably has a lot to do with the type of skin I have - pretty dang dry (we are talking Sahara desert skin here). And this makeup doesn't look super "makeup-y" when applied. It actually looks pretty natural. There's nothing I can stand less than liquid foundation (no shame if that works for you), but I pretty much look like a washed up street dog version of a wannabe Barbie hooker if I get that stuff anywhere close to me.... okay, you get it now. I have strange skin, maybe you do too? So maybe these products will be good for you.
Depending on the time of year (I wear a lot less makeup in the summer months), I start with the bareMinerals tinted moisturizer. I just spread a little thin layer all over my face, and it helps my complexion look a little more even and dewy.

Next, I use the bareMinerals concealer liquid. I know I talked about hating anything liquid but I just use a tiny dab under each eye and rub it in really well with my fingers. Good for those tired mama eye bags, you feel?
Then, I move to my matte powder foundation. I just spread a thin layer over my face concentrating under my nose, eyes, and lower cheeks. The key for me is always "less is more" because this stuff goes a long way.
I use the bareMinerals Warmth to create some contrast on my face. I'm not into contouring (ain't nobody got time for that), but I try to focus on the contouring areas of the face. In other words I don't glob bronzer all over my face, cause then I will just look like a bad 8th grade version of myself..Yowza. Where were all those helpful YouTube makeup videos back then? Concentrating on specific areas and making sure I blend it well makes for a really natural bronze glow in the areas that matter.
Next is blush. Now don't be afraid of this crazy color I'm working with here. "Fruit Cocktail" has potential to look like the worst 80's makeup faux pas if not careful. I use a tiny bit to avoid the tragedy of hot pink fire cheeks. I like how bright this blush is because it really gives that natural flushed rosy cheek look. This blush especially looks good in the summer when the tan is in full effect.
Now comes eye makeup.
I get my eye shadow at Target. It's cheap, and I love the neutral berry palette it has. I also buy my mascara from Target. I have found that more expensive mascaras don't do anything extra for me, so I stick with my inexpensive Fiber mascara.

My eyeliner is bareMinerals Lasting Line. This eyeliner stays on all day. Cheaper eye liners tend to rub off throughout the day and again....who has time to carry around their eyeliner for midday touch ups? Not me. BareMinerals has a lot of different style eye liners to pick from as well. I like the self sharpening all day eyeliner. I have the liquid as well, but if I'm being honest, I'm a tad bit afraid of that. I only bust that out on extra special occasions when I'm feeling ballsy.
     My eyebrow powder is Anastasia which I purchased from Ulta. I recommend asking someone that works there to help you pick your color....that can be an intimidating decision, especially if you haven't used eyebrow "enhancers" before.
I always try to keep my eyebrows looking natural. The only thing worse than liquid foundation is overdrawn and overly dark eyebrows. God bless those who have gone before us and suffered. Hahaha but seriously, light strokes upward throughout the eyebrow just makes them look a little more full without looking tattooed on.
Photos Matt Winkelmeyer
Tinted Moisturizer Complexion Rescue  |  Fiber Mascara  |  Eye Liner  |  Concealer  |  Matte Foundation  |  Bronzer  |  Blush  |  Eyeshadow Palette  |  Eyelash Curler  |  Eyebrow Brush  |  Eyebrow Shadow  |  Basic BareMinerals Brushes--they come with THIS starter kit  |  Blush Brush--Similar Here
Now, I'm no makeup expert. If you notice, I didn't even do a makeup tutorial video. These are just things I've found that work for me and my skin. I would love to hear if there are any products you use and can't live without! I'm always up for trying new products.

All my products are linked above.


  1. Love this - can you share what color combinations you use with the eye pallet?

  2. Hey Alex,
    I usually use the very top light color in the corner of my eyes (closest to the bridge of my nose) to brighten them up a bit.
    Then I usually stick to the fourth and fifth from the top.
    If I'm going out at night I usually try to use the darker plum color and brown to go for that night time smokey eye feel.
    The fourth one down is definitely my most often used. Kind of a copper color. I feel like it's really pretty but subtle enough to wear everyday! I usually put a little under my bottom eyelashes too!
    Hope all that helps and makes sense!