January 14, 2017

Sweater Weather

Photography Matt Winkelmeyer
Sweater c/o |  Boots  |  Sunnies  |  Jeans old (similar here)

Well, Texas is officially confusing. The weather has seriously been jumping around like a spastic and overly energetic 12 year old cheerleader on a trampoline. (No offense cheer girls, you freaking rock.) But seriously, this weather isn't as cute, and doesn't rock a ginormous bow or a cute skirt. Sooooo I'm just like get lost, because I'm suffering skin-wise here. It's been 77 degrees one day and 40 the next. Do you guys understand the hardships we are facing here? My hands feel like some Home Depot heavy duty sand paper....anybody need a foot scraping? Or some boards sanded down? Cause I can help you out. Hahaha, I'm just being half goofy, half dramatic, and barely serious.
With all this weather change, I've had to get serious about my outfits everyday before getting dressed. So here we are back to sweaters! This is one of my absolute FAVORITE sweaters of all time. I have been loving it! It's also perfect for my ever growing baby bump! I love its baby turtle neck, as well as the wide quarter length sleeves. It's warm, but if the weather happens to trick me and bounce up to 68 one day....I actually wouldn't sweat to death. Is that making sense to anyone? Haha, there just really actually isn't anything about this sweater that I don't like. ROMWE hit it out of the park with this one.
They seriously have some really cute things, and I have a few more things on my wish list that I'm hoping to get into my closet very soon!
If you haven't checked their website out, you need to. Take my word for it. You won't be disappointed!

This post was in collaboration with ROMWE.

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