September 29, 2017

LimeLight Skincare & Makeup

Okay, by now you have probably noticed that I have been posting on social media about some skincare and makeup I started using a few months ago. 
Some of you have been wondering what the heck the fuss is about as well as what products I can't live without. 
Here's the deal. I'm a creature of habit and once I find something I like, I stick with it basically forever. Haha. I have used bare minerals makeup since I started using makeup. I have never ever found any other makeup products that I like until now. 
When it comes to skincare I have done the same thing and used the same products for all of time. I have always been a charcoal soap and coconut oil girl. They both work extremely well for me and my skin type and I still have nothing but positive things to say about both bare minerals and charcoal soap and coconut oil. 
BUT.... I'm 26. Creeping ever so close to 27 and these numbers have been making my wheels turn.... as well as my frown crease lines appear more dominant (what's up with that, do I frown more than I smile? APPARENTLY MY FACE THINKS SO!. The audacity...)
So since my face thought it would be funny to start forming permanent lines I decided (panicked) I needed to start doing a bit EXTRA in the skincare department. Cause ain't nobody got time (money) for Botox. 
Insert one of my best friends, Cara. Cara has been using and repping LimeLight for about 8 or 9 months. When we would hangout she would always bring me a product and we would do "facials" together. I slowly but surely started to realize how good this skincare and these products are! Nothing gets me intrigued faster than knowing something is chemical free, all natural, never tested on animals, and loaded with essential oils. SIGN ME THE FREAK UP. 
So basically I just described limelight's skincare products...did I mention VERY affordable and they actually work. Sold? I know, me too.
 Now the makeup. I won't boast about it being all natural, because it's not, but it's AMAZING. I have very very very picky skin when it comes to makeup. Basically, I have never been able to wear anything besides bare minerals because  
 1. Everything else LEGITIMATELY makes me look like I have the most caked face in all the world. Like someone could serve me at a birthday party, CAKE. Ew. For some reason makeup just doesn't "sit" right on my face. No matter what, it always looks so bad and so fake. I think it has something to do with how dry my skin is. 
2.Every other makeup besides bare minerals makes me break out. So that's exciting. PIMPLES ANYONE? Oh yes PLEASE... 
Said no one ever.
This makeup does not look fake or cake like at all, and has amazing all day coverage I have never experienced before. And it does not make me break out! It has been so exciting to be able to wear an actual foundation that makes me feel like I get to wear actual makeup like a normal person. 
Now let's get to the products that I have been using and LOVING beyond all reason.
The list is TRULY LONG. Because I use at least half of the things they sell, but I'm going to narrow it down to the "holy grails" so to speak. The things that I would most definitely 100% want to take with me if I had to live on a deserted island the rest of time. 
I'm going to just link the actual product, otherwise this blog post would take you 88 years to read. Cause I could go On and ON about each product. 

But seriously, that was me narrowing it MAJORLY DOWN. 
I legitimately use over half the products they sell, and I'm a firm believer and lover of them all.

I even recently got my very manly husband using this face wash and moisturizer set. Shhh, don't tell him I told you. He has probably quite literally never washed his face (besides in the shower) until now. 

I highly recommend these products. I've been getting so many questions I thought I would make my consolidated thoughts on it all and get it all out there. Feel free to shoot me a message with questions. 

My link is HERE if you want to check out the complete product list! 


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