October 31, 2017

Autumn Bucket List

It’s fall y’all, which means it’s time for some fun fall activities. Do you ever feel like you let a season pass you by without doing all the things you wanted? It basically happens to me every year. It’s as if we get so busy with the day to day and forget to carve out time to make some fun festive memories. That’s where the fall bucket list should come in handy! I’m such a list girl. If it’s written down on a list it usually happens! 

I included some pictures of us completing some activities on our list. These pics are from our day at the Arboretum’s really beautiful pumpkin display, as well as us "decorating the porch". We don't have much of a porch but we hung a wreath and added some painted pumpkins...it counts.

My sister inspired me to make a fall bucket list. One Sunday we brainstormed and thought of several autumn-inspired things we could do—things that would be fun for our children too and make this season feel extra special for our families.
She wrote them down and made her paper so cute and hung it on her fridge. I was over there last week, and she already had lots marked off her list! (So I obviously had to do the same.) I’ve been copying her since the 2000’s. It’s what older sisters are for, right!

So bust out your paper, maybe some colored pencils, and make yourself a fall list...and feel free to copy ours. 


-decorate front porch 
-buy children’s fall book
-visit the arboretum 
-bake pumpkin cookies
-carve pumpkins
-go trick-or-treating
-build backyard fire 
-go on a hayride
-visit the state fair 
-chili cook off 
-make caramel apples
-deliver pumpkin cookies to neighbors in red wagon
-watch Charlie Brown ‘the great pumpkin’
-paint mini pumpkins 
-thanksgiving craft
-bake pumpkin bread
-leaf rubbing 
-country drive
-brisk morning walk 

Hope our lists can help inspire yours! This is truly the best time of year. Looking forward to making this season extra special.

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