November 16, 2017

Play Room Tour


Welcome to the playroom. We spend a lot of hours a day in here, at least Beckham does for that matter. 
I wanted to create a fun but organized play space for Beckham. Somewhere to allow his imagination to be free to play and explore, all while keeping toys out of the way. I wanted his space to be his own and be easy for him to find things in.  

If you have followed me for any length of time on Instagram you are probably familiar with this space and it’s somewhat recent makeover. It used to be more of an office type space and sort of morphed into a playroom after we had Beckham. It was the room that i just put toys in so they wouldn’t clutter up the living room. Finally this room got so jam packed with toys on the floor and in baskets that I couldn’t handle it and told my hubby we had to FIX IT!


I took it upon myself to start selling the furniture that was in this room, so I could start fresh. I had a vision of what I wanted this room to be: bright, airy, cheerful, with things off the floor to maximize play space. 
I painted the warm brown walls this off white color. I knew there was going to be lots of color in this room with all the toys being displayed, so I thought a simple fresh wall would be the best option. 
I thought up these shelves after browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I didn’t want anything too heavy or weighty to “weigh down” the space. I just knew I wanted simple shelves that would allow somewhat sophisticated toy storage. My hubby whipped these shelves up so fast one evening i couldn’t believe it! I love the open brackets and the overall simplicity of them. I stained the shelves with a walnut stain and called it a day! 
Bought a white ceiling fan, white curtains, and a mostly white rug. (I don’t know if I’m crazy or what but a white playroom didn’t scare me?) 


The fun part was figuring out how to display the toys. I collected lots of baskets over the course of the past 2 years. I was drawn to the open metal baskets for most of the toys because I wanted the baskets to be easily distinguished so Beckham could see his toys. I also thought this might help all the toys stay in their rightful place when he isn’t playing with them—since he doesn’t have to dump a basket out to find something. The wicker baskets with the liners hold the smaller toys quite nicely in order to keep them from falling through the big metal openings. 
I ended up bagging up 4 trash sacks FULL of toys to give away. If you have never read THIS book on kids and toys and playtime, you should. It is so insightful and helped me realize excess toys aren’t a beneficial thing. (And Beckham still has TONS OF TOYS.) We try to implement the "Waldorf" style of play and learning as much as we can. 

I tried to keep the toys that Beckham plays with the most. The things he plays with daily are what are in the baskets on the bottom shelves. 
Monster Trucks
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 
“Blaze” collection 
“Cars” collection 
Hot wheels 
He seriously didn’t even notice when 4 garbage bags full of toys went missing. 
I also have some baskets with toys for imaginative play on the bottom.
Such as silk scarves, felt leaves, felt food, clothes pins, strips of fabric, and little pom poms. Believe it or not he uses all that stuff. He usually ends up making a race track with grass and leaves and water and a bridge out of all that random stuff. He also uses the silk scarves to make himself into “blazing speed” with “fire” coming out his bum. Silk scarves tucked into his pants running around the house squealing. It’s the cutest. 

It’s fun to watch his little brain imagine and create things while he plays. Again Waldorf y’all. Such good insight! 
I put stuff on the top shelf that he can ask for, and I get down every now and then. He is mostly content with his bottom shelves, and he can get to everything on his own. The shelves have been such a success. I love looking in the playroom at the (usually) organized shelves with toys off the floor. It makes my ocd heart so happy! 


On the other side of the playroom I tried to maximize the space with something in each corner of the doorway. His teepee, which he is completely obsessed with. I find him in there playing, reading, and most of the time hiding from me being silly. He loves it. He also uses his teepee as a “garage” to park his riding cars. So cute.
His play kitchen is another thing he plays with daily. So much fun. This Ikea kitchen, in my opinion, is one of the nicest play kitchens because it’s so neutral. I love the neutral wood and fixtures. Another thing about this kitchen is that it’s super customizable. If you Pinterest “ikea play kitchen” tons of pictures will pop up of people who customized their play kitchens..... they are ridiculously cute. I plan to customize Beckham’s one day but i haven’t got around to it, and for now, I like how neutral it is! 

Teepee  ||  Small Wicker Milk Crate  || Small Wicker Crate Linen Liner  ||  Small Wire Milk Crate  ||  Large Wire Milk Crate Similar Here  ||  Play Kitchen  ||  Lion Stuffed Animal Head Similar Here ||   Stuffed Animal Head Options Here  ||  Stuffed Animal Basket Similar Style Here  ||  Alphabet Posters  ||  Large White Frames  ||  Rug  ||  Sheepskin Rugs  ||  Multi-Colored Wooden Race Cars  ||  Beckham's Favorite Book  ||  "Thyme" Picture  ||  Arrowhead Picture  ||  Hot Wheels Monster Trucks  ||  Star String Lights  Similar Here  ||  Wooden "Keurig"  ||  Vacumm  ||  Beckham's Pajamas Similar Color Here  ||  Curtains   ||  White L Brackets  ||   

The big picture frames in the middle of the shelves will eventually be hung in the middle of that shelf haha we just for some reason haven’t done that yet. I like having the big frames in there because I can change the pictures out so easily. When I get sick of the alphabet I can put something else in there to change up the feel of the room. 
It also breaks up the business of the toys below and above. 
Planning on getting some of my sister’s work in there next! 

So happy with how the playroom turned out. I will say it’s been a great change, and Beckham is so happy playing in there. I hope this can help inspire you if you need some playroom help. Getting things organized is soooooooo helpful in creating a stress free space for them to play and grow. Who would have thought? Happy organizing & happy playing!

I tried to link as much as I could for y'all. Since some things are old they were no longer available so I linked similar options!

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  1. I want to replicate these shelves in our basement, mind letting me know what width boards you went with? and the size L brackets? I love everything about your playroom.