November 12, 2017

Texas State Fair

We go to the State Fair of Texas every year with my in laws. It’s just the best. Can I be honest and say I pretty much go because of the food? No shame. 

It was extra fun this year because Beckham is old enough to be aware and get excited about EVERYTHING. This is just the best age, you guys.

We walked around and let Beckham tell us what he wanted to do. He is such a fan of skee ball so he had to play that with Pops. 
Big Tex was there in his usual spot with his usual boots, and he is always my favorite thing to see. It was all fine and dandy until he started talking, and then Beckham was quite scared of the giant cowboy...poor kid. 
 We grabbed some cotton candy at one of the booths right by Big Tex. Cotton candy always makes me feel like a kid again, and I was excited for Beckham to try it...he hated it Hahahaha. I was actually really surprised. But the rest of us walked and shared it and felt all kinds of nostalgia eating that puffy cloud of pink sugar. 
When you go to the Texas State Fair you HAVE to get a Fletcher’s corny’s probably the one day of the year I eat corny dogs (and don’t regret it).They are so good, you just can’t not. 
 Can't forget about all the animals at the Fair. I totally waited outside with Hudson because he was napping in the stroller. Beckham loved feeding and petting the animals. And that poor pig, kindred spirits you know. She likes to eat, I like to eat, and holy nursing. 
Carnival games are so fun, so we hit up a few of the “kiddie” games along the way and Beckham won a big stuffed orange clown fish. That thing was (and still is) his pride and joy. Hahaha I think he is so proud of it since he won it. 
We also let Beckham ride a few mama heart was a little bit scared at how aggressive some of those kiddie rides whip them around.. but my mind was quickly put at ease when Beckham started squealing with delight. It was sooooo cute to watch him be brave and ride things all by himself. 

We rode more rides and
went through a fun house. Hudson was a perfect little dream boat, and we only had to stop once to nurse in the car exhibit (they have AC in there). 

Overall it was such a fun day, and we can’t wait to go back next year!

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