December 8, 2017

Gift Guide for Little Guys

 one  ||  two (toddler size) ||  three  ||  four  ||  five  ||  six  ||  seven  ||  eight  ||  nine  ||  ten  ||  eleven  ||  twelve

one  ||  two  ||  three  ||  four  ||  five  ||  six  ||  seven  ||  eight  ||  nine  ||  ten (similar)  ||  eleven (toddler size)  ||  twelve

It was so much fun putting these Christmas lists together for our boys.

I had some ideas of what I wanted them to have, but since Beckham is old enough I also asked him what he wanted. 
Beckham’s request was simple: books and jammies....if that is not the most hilarious and adorable thing I’ve ever heard. Done and done, kid. 
Our plan is that some of these things will come from us, some from Santa, and some from the grandparents. 
Everyone usually asks me what to get them, so I decided to get ahead of the game and make this really easy list with pictures and links. 

We decided to get both boys several books and matching jammies because...matching jammies. 
They each get a new (toddler size) Saranoni blanket that should last them through the years. (And it is the softest thing I’ve ever felt.). I let Beckham actually pick his colors, then decided what to get Hudson to coordinate. I don’t know if I’m OCD or just really into matchy matchy. The thought of them having matching jammies and matching blankets with matching stuffed animals... it makes my heart smile. Can’t you see it now, them riding side by side in the minivan all decked out and cozy with their jammies, blankies, and stuffed animals, on our way to some family vacation. 
Yup, that’s cute.

I’m trying to get away from the overly marketed plastic toys that are basically garbage and cost half your savings. You know the ones that are obnoxious to look at and have 1,019,273,646,382 pieces that end up everywhere. If you saw my “Playroom Tour” post, you know that I’m inspired by the book “Simplicity Parenting.” If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to HERE. It’s really good to get new perspective, especially when in this day and age everything tells us we need more, we need all the stuff, or we don’t have enough.
So I’m not to the extreme minimalist by any means, but I try to be mindful. 

That’s why I love books, especially the interactive ones. Also, in my opinion, there is nothing better than wooden toys. They are always my favorite. They are sturdy, fun to play with, and look mega cute on a shelf. Wooden toys for life. So we wanted to get each boy a wooden toy. Hudson’s is probably a LITTLE bit old for him, but he will grow into it very soon. Until then, he can chew on it. Haha. 

We wanted each boy to have a “big gift.”
Beckham is ready to move from his strider balance bike to a bike with pedals. I’m excited to see him peddling along with no training wheels. And he is sure to be SOOOO HAPPY. What a stud. 
Hudson’s big gift is the exersaucer. I love this one because it has three stages to grow with them and is pretty neutral compared to all the others I’ve seen. He loves being in these sort of things and mama gets her arms for a it might be more for me than him. Haha. I’m super excited for it to not look super obnoxious in our house too. It’s a win win win.

I am so pumped for Christmas this year. Now that Beckham is really old enough to understand, appreciate, and freak out with excitement. 

I hope our lists help inspire you or gives you some good ideas. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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