December 9, 2017

The Beautiful Wonderful Trying Trenches

Grey Sling  ||  Beanie  ||  Slippers (similar)

Rushing around the house in your pajamas at 2pm picking up toys before you are needed again. Teeth not brushed yet, hair not been brushed for days. You throw a hat on it and cover yourself in body spray.
Slap on some makeup in the middle of a kids nap while you simultaneously jiggle the toy for the other babe. Nursing, getting yourself a drink with a baby on your hip. Not tweezing your eyebrows for weeks and remembering you haven’t shaved in a while either. Giving your all, all the time. Loving, kissing, sometimes snapping, feeling lost but feeling found. Serving. Trying to delight in pouring from your cup so tirelessly. Never sleeping through a night, fueling up with caffeine and God’s word. Never not being touched and hearing your name 1,525,273 times a day. Putting yourself on the back burner for a bit, and figuring out how to be okay with it. Snuggling some more, kissing booboos, breathing in during the calm moments. Failing often but trying harder the next day. Sometimes crying in the shower because you feel overwhelmed but delighting in it all, none the less. Trying to keep the house semi clean which feels a lot like paddling a canoe upriver. Figuring out how to make everyone happy, creating safety, warmth, love, open conversation, nursing frequently, extending grace, asking for forgiveness a lot. It’s motherhood. It’s so messy, it’s so hard, it’s so wonderful. I’m convinced motherhood is sanctified. It makes us more like Jesus, I’m sure of it. Keep up the holy work, mama. You got it, even when you don’t.


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  2. I don't have any children of my own yet, but I am raising my husband's son who came to live with us 24/7 right after our marriage and.....goodness gracious it's hard. I love seeing glimpses into your life. I find encouragement in all of your posts!