February 5, 2018

Beckhams's 3rd Birthday

Well here I go again, posting birthday party photos like a million years later. 
I’ve put this off because I was struggling to decide which pictures to post, so I thought I would just post them all. Haha.
Beckham turned three in December. I can’t help but get excited about birthdays. I always want to make birthdays feel extra special and celebrated in our home, especially for our children. I feel like going a little over the top on decor makes it feel festive and fun, and is specific to them and the stage of life they are in. I think it’s something they will remember forever. 
 I hope they look back one day and think, “man, we always had awesome parties!”
That’s what makes me always want to do a little extra and stay up late the night before making sure it’s perfect for them.
This year since Beckham is old enough to have things he is interested in and an opinion, I hesitantly asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted, unsure what exactly I would get myself into. To my delight he said he wanted a “GREEN DINOSAUR PARTY.” 
I was immediately excited and my head started swirling with ideas. My favorite part is dreaming up how to turn things into reality. This theme was so much fun to bring to life. 
The ever-so-popular balloon arch was done with the help of two of my closest friends @taylorwinkelmeyer and @sarahcoppinger (fun fact: we have all been besties since elementary).
They were the real MVPs and helped me set up the night before and blow up a lot of balloons. The amount of confetti Taylor cut up for those dang confetti balloons is too much to even tell you about. Haha those girls, I Love them so much.
 The balloon arch was actually really easy, and if you missed it, the tutorial on how to make it as well as what supplies you will need is on my story highlights over on Instagram here!
The striped table runner and balloon arch backdrop were both just material I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used them at last years party as well because I’m super cheap like that, and I like to save a dime when I can. 
They worked great!
 I think the key to decorating a fun-themed birthday party is not limiting yourself to the “themed party section” at party city. 
Get a theme you want in your head and let it take you. In all seriousness you will end up with a much cuter and much less cliche party result. You know what I’m talking about. Just go look at the dinosaur aisle at party city....it saddens me. Hahaha FOR REAL.
I tried to incorporate other fun dinosaur things that Beckham loves, such as Zeg the dinosaur from Blaze and the Monster Machines and a few of his Dino friends on the dessert table. Those things that are specific to Beckham and what he likes gave it that special touch.
 Let me give you a really good tip.
The $12 number balloons from party city that are so popular and everywhere are way cheaper on Amazon or at hobby lobby. So do yourself a favor and don’t pay $12 for one balloon. Be ballin on a budget and get them at hobby lobby for $5. Granted you won’t get helium in them but I just always hang mine on a wall anyway so I go for the cheaper ones. 
I made the cookies myself. That’s why they are dinosaur shaped with minimal sprinkles on top hahaha (again saving dollars by making my own desserts). I also took it upon myself to make my grandma’s famous chocolate cake for the birthday cake. Throw on some sprinkles and a cute candle and you are golden. Sometimes less is more.... and other times more is more. You just have to pick and choose what you want to go all out on. For me, I always want cute decor and delicious treats.

We had a hot dog bar with all the toppings and chips (courtesy of my in-laws), and my mom brought her most delicious brownies. Legitimately they are incredible. 
We even ventured outside in my in-laws backyard and let the kids run and play. It was cold but so much fun. 
So much fun celebrating Beckham and watching him grow and flourish and become a spunky little dude. I seriously adore the crap out of him. I hope he knows how incredibly blessed and loved he is as we continue to throw birthday parties that are “extra” each year. I’m sure he would feel loved regardless but this is just one special way that has meaning and sentiment to me.

All party supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby and Party City.


  1. Love your realness Emily- your blog is the best! Beckham's birthday party turned out beautifully. My son is only 3 months and I'm low key planning his first birthday lol great job mama!

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