February 2, 2018

Oh Darling.

Sweatshirt by @lianamikah ||  Jeans
It's been so long since I've put some of my deep thoughts into a post. Ever since my Instagram and blog were plagiarized by someone word for word and picture for picture, I have felt fear of putting my heart into words again. (Anyone remember that?) It sort of stole my passion for writing and sharing for fear that my words and thoughts would be stolen again by someone pretending they were original to their own way of thinking. 

I don't want to forever keep things to myself because sharing and possibly encouraging anyone else in a similar stage of life is humbling, and it invigorates my soul. But it’s hard. It’s hard to let go of past hurts and of feeling wronged. It’s hard to trust opening up again and sharing the deep gushy good stuff full of feelings. Because if you keep the good stuff locked up it’s yours and it can’t be taken and used or misconstrued. But you might miss out on helping someone. So I’m trying. Trying to allow myself to write more important things than balloon arch tutorials and what my favorite skin care products are at the moment. (Although still V important.)

You are altogether beautiful my darling; there is no flaw in you.
Song of Solomon 4:7

Remember that. As you scroll and compare your flaws and insecurities to the perfections of everyone else’s little polished squares. You are your own worst critic and way more beautiful than you even know. 
I’ve been really into sweatshirts lately mostly because (hashtag) mom bod. That and my unquenchable desire to be as comfortable as possible at all times. I stumbled upon these adorable sweatshirts lately and can’t help but buy each one as a little reminder to myself. You have to go read the message behind these. It’s so beautiful. It might encourage you like it did me. Just settling into my confidence at age 27 with the help of practicing contentment and trying my best to find identity in Jesus as opposed to all else.

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