June 21, 2018

Seaside, Florida

 Wow. Let me just say wow. Seaside, Florida, quickly became one of my all time favorite places to travel. If you dislike perfect-picturesque-everything around every turn, then you might hate it. It truly is one of the most quaint and picturesque places I’ve been. 

 There was not a square inch of seaside that wasn’t pleasing to the eye. AMAZING BEACHES, Super nice people, lots of shopping, delicious food. What more could you want? It’s my mother in law’s favorite place to travel and it took me no time at all to realize why. It’s just so gorgeous. 
One of the most fun family vacations we have had. 
So if you are trying to pick a place to travel in the U.S.A., you better put seaside at the top of your list.
I won’t hound you with recommendations because quite frankly, everything is good.
But I will list a few things that I would recommend doing/eating while there.

1. THE BEACH, obviously. The beaches are so beautiful and clean. You gotta spend tons of time at the beach. Such perfect sand, and such clear water. 
2. Eat at Bud and Alley’s waterfront restaurant. It’s such a cozy and cute restaurant with delicious food. 
3. Ride bikes to Grayton Beach and eat at The Red Bar! The food is sooooo good and they have a live band that plays. The vibe in there is just the best. 
4. Eat at Pickles Beachside Grill! We ate so many meals here. The breakfast is surprisingly so good. Also, they have one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had. Sooooo do it.
5. Check out the Modica Market. First of all, holy grocery store goals. Order a iced vanilla latte, you won’t regret it. Their coffee was my fav!
6. The Taco Bar has bomb street tacos.
7. Food trucks because...food trucks. I don’t know if it’s possible to NOT stop at the food trucks but just in case I’m throwing that in here. 
8. If you travel through Destin, I recommend stopping at The Back Porch to eat. Get the freaking crab cakes.... whatever you do, GET THE CRAB-CAKES. The restaurant overlooks the beach and it’s seriously magical. I actually might dream about their crab cakes some nights haha. So so good.
9. Walk around at night, get some ice cream, enjoy the string lights and the music and the people and the vibe. The town is just so dang cute. I’m obsessed.
10. Rent a house. They have so many houses to rent and they are all the cutest things in the entire world. My father in law rented ours and it was NICE. We had a fourth story that had a lookout with couches and chairs. It was seriously so amazing going up there at night and seeing the town, the people, and the ocean. 

If you go to Seaside, I have no doubt it will be one of your favorite places. I want to go back 1,000 more times before I die. My in laws really knew all the good stuff to do and see and eat. So our entire trip was just wonderful.
If you’ve been to Seaside, I want to hear about your favorite things there! I know a few of you are traveling to Seaside within the next few weeks so I hope these recommendations are helpful, & let me know what you try!

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