July 22, 2018

Hudson's 1st Birthday!

Wow, Hudson’s first birthday snuck up so fast. I had so much fun planning his backyard party.  I knew I wanted to do a picnic theme because nothing says summer like a picnic! I also knew I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen before. I definitely use Pinterest to look at all different types of party ideas and party decor. I usually just take certain things I see and like and build off of that (creatively speaking). My brain gets to swirling for days—it is literally hard for me to fall asleep at night. Hahaha. 
Fence wall  ||  Crepe Paper  ||  Pinwheel paper  ||  "1" cake topper  ||  'hooray" cake topper  ||  "yay" balloon  ||  plastic ants  ||  wildflowers  ||  blue produce baskets  ||  my skirt similar here  ||  my shirt  sold out similar here ||  my sandals  ||  gingham fabric on highchair  ||  yellow flower can  ||  coffee flower can ||  

I have never worked with crepe paper so I was a little unsure about how my crepe paper wall would turn out but they say no risk no reward so I went for it. 
It was actually a lot easier than I thought. Time consuming, but easy.
I was too busy during the actual party to get all the photos I should have, but at least I got lots of photos of the time consuming, thumb numbing-crepe paper wall.
I am always down to do everything myself. I always love the idea of a beautiful party but hate the idea of spending a fortune. I usually try to spend my money on supplies that way I can get more bang for my buck. I’m all for buying a cute cake or cupcakes, but I feel like they are really overpriced and it’s just something that people are going to eat. 
I say spend your money where it matters most to you! For me, it just isn’t ever the cake. I bought funfetti boxed cakes and made Hudson’s smash cake and the regular cake. Put some green sprinkles, plastic ants, a pinwheel, and a number 1 and called it a day. I always feel like the cake doesn’t have to be the centerpiece but just an addition to the main backdrop. 
The crepe paper was actually really easy to make. It just took lots of time to cut it all. I actually just looked up crepe paper wall on Pinterest and figured out how to cut it by looking at an example. I suggest starting early on cutting up all your paper! Or find a good friend to help you haha. 
The pinwheels were actually a last minute addition that I’m REALLY happy about. I was originally only going to make a handful for a pinwheel bouquet and just got a little carried away.... as I tend to do. Decided they would look cute on the crepe paper wall and made several!!! I think it added a really fun element to the wall too! Super summery and festive. 
If you missed my Instagram story highlight about the wall itself, it was actually a pre-made slab of fence my husband picked up at Home Depot. Saved himself a lot of time by just purchasing it. If you are curious how I attached everything to the fence just hop over to my insta highlights for a little video tutorial!
I knew I wanted tables set to make it look like a little picnic so I ordered the classic red checkered tablecloths on amazon. I was also really inspired by Texas’s wildflowers this spring. I wanted the tables to have a center flower arrangement that looked super simple and organic like a little handful of wildflowers had been picked and plopped on the tables. Since the wildflowers mostly died off by the time Hudson’s party rolled around, i decided to grab some fake flowers from hobby lobby. Just picked out several different kinds and made my own wildflower assortment!
They were so cute and nobody could tell they were even fake. Score  
I just wanted it to all feel a little nostalgic. Tried to include all the good and classic summer stuff such as: hot dogs, picnic blankets, wildflowers, popsicles, fruit, cold watermelon, and of course a water slide.

I was really happy with how his party decor turned out. We had a blast. Beckham and Hudson and all the kids had so much fun. It was fun celebrating Hudson and his special day with our close friends and family. I call it a success, and I really LOVE summer birthday parties. Might just be a new favorite.

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